Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11/18/2014:D :D :D

Sorry for not having a normal title. I couldn't think of anything to say. XD

This week was... normal. Kind of. Our mission president came for a conference and I got a wonderful package and letters from friends. And an elder got hit by a car. Kind of. He's okay, but he broke his hand and had to have surgery. If you could all keep him in your prayers his name is Elder Molina.

This week we are going to have a really cool ward activity that's called "Viaje a Hawaii". It's going to be awesome. I'll tell you more about it afterward when we're had success. There's something that I really like that they say here, "las actividades son para los investigadores y menos activos, los miembros solo están invitados." Ward activities are for investigators and less active members. The active members are the ones invited... This means... when you go to a ward activity, BRING A FRIEND! And introduce them to the missionaries!

I only have a few pictures to send you, so here they are:
1.) My "amiguita" Dayann (Diane).
2.) My companion bought me a piece of cake! (It's coconut!)
3.) Me and my companion! (A member of the ward made me a dress! I just had to buy the fabric!)
4:) My package!

    Misión México Tijuana

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