Thursday, January 16, 2014


I HAVE BEEN IN MEXICO FOR ALMOST A MONTH! OH MY GOSH. (It will be a month on Thrusday. Which also, incidentally, is Hna. Maldonado's birthday.)

Hmm... What can I tell you? 
On Monday we had a zone activity where we played volleyball and went to eat giant tacos again. 

On Tuesday, nothing of import happened.

Wednesday, however, we had... INTERVIEWS WITH THE MISSION PRESIDENT! BUM BUM BUUUUUM! JK It was actually really cool. And even more impresive: It was totally in Spanish. AND I UNDERSTOOD IT. :O He told me that my accent is "Muy bueno" and not like a gringo (lol Thanks Mom!) and that he expects that if I work hard, in two more months (when my training is finished) I will speak Spanish really well. We talked about my fear of speaking and of making mistakes, and afterward, when he asked me if there was something he could help me with, I asked him to give me a blessing to help with my Spanish and with my fear. It also was in Spanish AND I UNDERSTOOD EVERY WORD. I have been working on speaking a lot more now and I think I'm improving. (Hna. Maldonado would tell you that I am.) After the interviews, we had an appointment, so we went. It was with the investigator that pulled out the beer. We taught the Word of Wisdom. (This time his wife was there.) He committed to stop drinking coffee and alcohol and I think when we visit next time to follow up, we're going to ask him to stop smoking. (One step at a time.) Unfortunately, he and his wife aren't progressing investigators because they never come to church. :( But we're going to continue visiting them and hopefully they'll attend soon. :P After the lesson, we had to go back to the church to lock up. When we got there, they were still having entrevistas (interviews) with the Hermanas from Porticos. When they were done, Presidente Carreón gave us a ride, but on our way, he decided to stop at the beach! So we got out, and just so you know, It is a MISSION RULE: We are NOT allowed to walk on the sand! We have to stay on the sidewalk away from the beach or on a puente over the water. PERO, one of the other sisters asked if we could possibly walk on the sand, and Presidente dijo, "...CLARO QUE SI!" AND WE WALKED ON THE SAND. I WAS SO EXCITED. AND WE TOOK PICTURES! (Which I will be sending you guys.) It was the first and last time that I will be setting foot on the sand during the course of my mission. So I took a picture of my feet too. :P

Thursday and Friday were boring in comparison. :P We had lessons and visited people, you know, missionary stuff.

Saturday, we had Capacitación Misional, where we met as a zone and talked about our goals and stuff. Afterward, we took a huge zone picture. (which I will send as well)
Sunday was Stake Conference, where we watched a broadcast from Salt Lake. It was ONLY broadcast to the Northern part of Mexico and D. Todd Christofferson and Robert D. Hales spoke. Something I didn't know: D. Todd Christofferson SPEAKS SPANISH. FLUENTLY. And his accent is decent too. :P Fun fact of the day. (As does Craig C. Christiansen(sp?) who was conducting. His accent was not so good.

Another fun fact: THEY HAVE KINDER EGGS HERE! :D So every once in a while, I buy one. (I've done so twice.) This time, it was Spongebob themed. :) (O, en Español, Bob Esponja.) (I have pictures of the egg and of my prize. Hna. Maldonado gave me her prize because she doesn't like Spongebob. Hers is the Squidward.)

Not sure what else to tell you, but I think I'm going to spend the rest of the time sending pictures, so... HASTA LUEGO! LES AMO MUCHO!

♥ Hermana Beaumont


And here is the overview of week 3:

Okay! So, I started off the week rather well with my first contact, right? Well, Monday, mi compañera and I went for tacos which were DA BOMB. (And had good reviews from the other Hermanas in our district!) Unfortunately, the next day I was seriously ill with what we think was food poisoning. -_- So, we were stuck in the house all day instead of going out and working. Thankfully, it subsided (for the most part) around 5:30PM and we were able to do some companionship study.

Wednesday, we had a lovely district activity where we went to un puente at the beach near Rosarito Beach Hotel and took pictures. Afterward, we went and ate GIANT BURRITOS! (Which was hard because my stomach was still weak.) It was fun. :) Two of the elders, Elder Giles (de Utah) and Elder Tinoco (de Honduras) each ate an ENTIRE burrito! It is still in question as to whether or not they're human.

The rest of this past week was same old same old. I'm talking a bit more in lessons (still hardly at all) and I'm able to have somewhat of conversations with the members. I'm improving, but still have a long way to go. In my opinion. According to my companion I speak very well. People always ask me how my Spanish is (in Spanish of course, but I can't remember how to say it) and I always answer, "Puede ser mejor." And then Hna Maldonado always says, "Ella habla muy bien!" And it always goes back and forth like that. My biggest problem is a lack of confidence, apparently. I am so scared of making a mistake that I elect not to speak at all, and while I know that it's a detriment to my learning, I CAN'T HELP IT! Not only that, but the members that speak English KEEP SPEAKING ENGLISH TO ME! Pero, está bien. I will learn. I just need more time. (And your prayers wouldn't hurt either.)

Funny story: We went to teach an investigator with a less-active member named Fernando (who is 16 and reminds me vaguely of Spencer, personality wise) and as we sat at his table, he pulled out a can of ---- BEER. BAHAHAHAAHAHAA! Fernando and I looked at each other and I had to work to keep from laughing. The investigator left to do something for a minute, and I whispered to Hna. Maldonado, "Vamos a enseñar la Palabra de Sabiduria..." We taught lesson 3 (The Gospel of Jesus Christ), but we have an appointment with him on Wednesday, where we will be teaching the Word of Wisdom. XD

I LEFT MY CAMERA IN THE APARTMENT! So, pictures will have to wait until next week. D: SORRY GUYS! I have some really good ones too. :P It's okay. I'll probably just spend most of my time sending you guys pictures.

Well, I need to go now, because I've already gone over time. (Oops.) I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! I'll write again next week!

♥ Hermana Beaumont

P.S. We have a couple of (promising) investigators with baptismal dates! (One is Jan. 23rd) WOOHOO!

HOLA! 12/30/13


So, this week we had "intercambios" (exchanges) for a day and I was sent to PORTICOS. Let me just say that I absolutely DESPISE exchanges, but because they are necessary, I will tolerate them for the duration of my mission. I didn't hate Porticos, but I still don't like exchanges.

ANYWAYS, Christmas was interesting. We had a zone activity which consisted of playing soccer with Presidente Carreón, eating cheeseburgers, and watching the Polar Express with Spanish subtitles. And I discovered why my feet are so big: FUTBOL! I played a decent defense. ;P

I am a GIANT here! Christmas Eve, I spent with a member family and we took a picture together (attached) and WOW. I am tall! Like, SERIOUSLY. I am taller than about 80% of the men in the ward. And compared to my companion, MY HANDS AND FEET ARE HUUUUUUUGE!!!!!!

We went to the beach one of the days this week. (They days are all mushed together in my head, or I would tell you what day.) We're not allowed to walk on the sand (mission rule) but there was a spot where we sat and took pictures, so a picture of me at the beach is attached. While we were there, I made my first contact... IN ENGLISH. BAH. He wasn't serious about it though, so it went nowhere. But YESTERDAY, I made my first REAL contact in a taxi! I was very proud of myself and I'm sure my companion's sentiments were something along the lines of, "FINALLY!" Now, I just need to be able to start a lesson and all will be well. :)

Spanish is coming slowly but surely, so if you guys could, just keep me in your prayers, 'kay?

Ummmmm..... I should probably go soon, but I'm trying to think of what more I want to say...umm... The food here is AWESOME! Love it! Everything is served with tortillas. EVERYTHING. (Well, except pupusas*, but they're from El Salvador.)

Alright. I've already gone over time. I LOVE YOU ALL SUPER A LOT!
♥ Hermana Beaumont

*Pupusas are awesome. They look like pancakes, but filled with beans, cheese and pork. I would send a picture, but there isn't room.