Tuesday, November 11, 2014

....... BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!!!! 10/20/2014

WOOP WOOP! EDGAR AND CARLOS ARE GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! (They are the children that we originally thought were going to move but they didn't and now they're ready to be baptized!) I AM SO EXCITED! Then, next week our golden investigator is going to be baptized! WOOP WOOP!

Anyways, my companion and I are going nuts. Why? Because 3 out of 7 days this week we had to walk around for 2-3 hours because our appointments have cancelled on us and we can't find anyone to teach. We're not allowed to knock on doors and when we try to talk to people in the street, they reject us. What is REALLY frustrating is that afterward, our leaders want to planchar us because our numbers are really low, even though WE ARE WORKING OUR BUTTS OFF. But it's cool. We'll just work harder this week so that they can't planchar us. (planchar literally means "to iron" but it's what they say here. The closest translation that we have come up with to explain it to english-speakers is, "chasten" or "chastize", but it's usually with scriptures or quotes from Preach My Gospel. Example: El presidente nos planchó bien feo en la conferencia esta semana pasada.)

I am really sorry that I don't have any new pictures this week. I will have some next week I PROMISE. LES QUIERO MUCHO Y LES HABLARÉ EN UNA SEMANA! 
♥Hermana Beaumont

    Misión México Tijuana

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