Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Road to El Dorado...9/01/2014

This week we had.... TRANSFERS!!!!!
And.... I am no longer in San Luis! I am now in... TIJUANA! Florido Stake, El Dorado ward. (Hence today's title.) My companion is... Hermana Rockwood! But wait a minute... that's not a Spanish last name! What craziness is this!? My companion is from... UTAH. That's right! Two American sisters here in Mexico. What ever will we do!? Pues, enseñar! Haha Yep! Actually, we arrived together from the MTC. :D

This week, my last week with Hermana Bautista, we taught investigators and did stuff. Honestly, I don't remember things very well under pressure ("Pressin down on me, pressin down on you...") but I will try.
On Thursday we ate... SUSHI! The family that was going to feed us had to go to Tijuana early in the morning, so they gave us money to buy food. we decided that Sushi was a good idea. XD (It was actually really good!) Not only that, but we didn't have to pay. A man came and asked us, "Is it alright if i pay for your food? I just feel like I should." and we were like "Okay!" and he paid. It was really cool. XD

What else?.... honestly I don't remember very well.
1) Me and my companion yesterday.
3) Tamales de afuera (I thought you would like to know what a tamale looks like. There are some people that don't know. On the outside it's corn husk, on the inside PURE DELICIOUS. I still don't know how to make them, but I will learn and let you know.)
4) Tamales de adentro (The orangey one had meat and stuff and the yellowy one was sweet with corn. they were both delicious.)
5) Me and my new companion!

I will have more about Florido in the coming week. Que tengan una buenísima semana!

♥Hermana Beaumont

    Misión México Tijuana

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