Tuesday, December 24, 2013

SEMANA 1: ESTOY EN ROSARITO!!!!!!!!! 12/23/2013


So, I don't have a WHOLE lot of time, and there's a lot I would like to tell you, so I am going to tell you as much as I can in a few minutes.

I absolutely LOVE it here! I do! My companion is great and is helping me a lot. Her name is Hna. Maldonado. We have a few progressing investigators already that have baptismal dates. I thought it would be weird to extend the baptismal invitation in the first lesson, but it's actually pretty simple. :)

Spanish is... bleh. It's really hard to understand a lot of people because they don't enunciate and they talk MUY RAPIDO. I actually have a goal right now of speaking ONLY Spanish for three days straight. (My companion understands English and speaks better than she gives herself credit for) The only time I'm allowed to say anything in English is when I say, "Cómo se dice ____ ?" and when I skype with mi familia mañana. :)

Um.... Let's see... Here, I am often greeted by the hermanas in the ward with a kiss on the right cheek. At first I was like, "What the heck!?" but now I'm getting used to it. I AM ASSIMILATING. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. lol

Um... we're planning on going to the beach one of these P-days. :) I CAN SEE THE OCEAN FROM THE CHAPEL. And one of the members lives on a huge hill and I got to watch a sunset over the ocean. It was really fast! (Picture attached.)

Also, we went to a ward "Posada". It's something to do with Christmas and I don't really have time to explain it, but I'm sure you can figure it out if you look it up. Also, people danced and we were extremely sad, so Hna. Maldonado and I drowned our sorrows in delicious donuts. (Picture attached)

I have so much more to say, but there isn't time! So I will have to do it next time! And share more pictures! I'm sorry I can't say more! LES AMO MUCHO!!!!!

♥ Hermana Beaumont

TWO DAYS LEFT! :O 12/14/2013


(interesting) Events this week:

Tuesday was my last Tuesday devotional where I saw Erika for (probably) the last time for over a year. Oh, and Elder Quentin L. Cook spoke. It was really cool. :)

Thursday I went to Las Vegas! I had to go to the Mexican Consulate to get it done, but everything went smoothly, and I am officially Mexican legal! I don't have my passport in my hand yet, but I will. :)

Yesterday we had In-Field Training and that was really cool. We learned about making goals and including members in our teaching. It was pretty nifty. :)

Today is our last P-day here at the MTC, so I get some extra time to e-mail people. I can't usually reply to all the e-mails I get, but if you reply soon, I should be able to reply back again today. :)

I have been sick (bad cold) lately, so if you could all pray for me and my hacking cough, that would be great. :)

Ummmmmmm..... Not sure what else to say, other than:

I can't think of anything else to say, so I'm going to attach some pictures for you. :)
First pic: Some of our zone inside one of the bubbles at gym time. (The dude in the red shorts with the basketball is not in our zone. We don't even know who he is.)

Second pic: Me and the girls in my district posing in the snow after gym time. XD

If I think of anything more, I'll write again. :)

♥ Hermana Beaumont

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


ONE WEEK LEFT! (Okay, it's actually 9 days, but who's counting?) Sadly, none of the girls in my district have their visas yet, but we're hoping for this week. (If we don't get them soon, we'll probably be temporarily reassigned. No bueno.) So PRETTY PLEASE PRAY that we will get our visa stuff soon!

This week was as the usual. I've been exercising a lot more than I did at home and have officially graduated from granny push-ups to regular ones. I can only do ten, but it's a step in the right direction. :) lol

The Spanish is coming along pretty well! I can hold a decent conversation with some of the teachers and I held almost an entire conversation with my "nerd best friend" from the other district yesterday. This coming week, my compañera and I have pledged to speak as much Spanish as possible so that we're a little more ready when it comes time to actually go to México. We only have a little bit of grammar left to learn and then we're DONE. There's a computer program called "T.A.L.L." (Technology Assisted Language Learning) that we all hate, but it's pretty useful for getting an idea of what's going on before class. I tried to do one of the lessons for what we'll be learning later today, but TALL does a really bad job of explaining stuff, so I have to save it for after the teacher explains. :P Oh well.

Since Erika told you guys about her "investigators", I thought I could probably do the same. I told you their names before in a previous e-mail, but they (again) are Pedro and Jesica. (Separate investigators.) And they also bear an extreme resemblance to my teachers. lol They have both agreed to be baptized and we already have dates set. :) Haha One day that will be real. (I hope.)

So, M. Russell Ballard was supposed to come and speak this last Tuesday, but because of the snow, 'twas not meant to be. Bruce C. Hafen spoke instead and it was actually REALLY good! I really enjoyed his talk. :) Hopefully, though, we'll get Elder Ballard this week instead, but if not, I will survive.

So something really cool: We had a "floating" teacher come in and help us during class. (Floating as in, doesn't yet have a district to teach.) We were learning about the importance of the Spirit in conversion and she was acting as our investigator. We had to lead up to and ask the baptismal question. At first it was really bland and boring, but then she said something, and the entire spirit changed. The Spirit told me what to say and the Spirit was SUPER strong! It was really cool! So we decided to use what we learned in our next lessons with Jesica and Pedro and IT WORKED. Jesica agreed to be baptized and Pedro was able to learn more about the gospel and commandments. (He had already agreed to be baptized.) Then in the next lesson with Jesica, IT HAPPENED AGAIN. I'm so grateful for the Gospel and for the Spirit! THE CHURCH IS TRUE. We have another lesson with Pedro tonight, so wish us luck! lol

Anyways, I'm pretty much out of time. So, I will write again next week! (I will get two whole hours since it's my last p-day at the MTC.)


♥ Hermana Beaumont

P.S. One of the sisters that I'm rooming with (Hermana Lance) came up with a list of "You Know You're On West Campus When..."
1) "Hola, Hermanas!" Sounds like a cat call. [True story]
2) People insult each other with "Cómo se dice, _____?" (Ex. Pride, attitude, etc.)
3) You hear "Está bien" every five seconds.
4) The most ordinary Spanish words are used as slang. (Sucio, dulce, etc.)
5) You play four-square in giant bubbles.
6) You're greeted with, "Qué pasa, calabaza?"
7) You look forward to getting a tapeworm to lose weight.
8) You wonder why someone won't laugh at your joke... awkwardly realize that they're praying.
9) Every time you hear, "Vamonos" someone starts singing Dora the Explorer songs.
10) You don't rush to the bathroom after eating cafeteria food.
11) Everyone wears red on Friday
and then an extra: You know you're not on West Campus when people say, "Hello" and you don't understand what they're saying. [Even though it's in English]


My "nerd best friend" has the tendency to steal my camera and take selfies. So there's one of them. He's a ginger.

There's also an awesome picture that I took of my HLJ ring and my scriptures. It's pretty epic.

HOLA A TODOS! (For the third P-day!)


Things are going well here at the MTC and I apologize to those of you whose e-mails I haven't had. I have them now. :)

Lets see... what do I have for you this week?

I've officially been here for over two weeks... I'm learning a lot. And I'm learning a lot more Spanish every week. The trouble is getting myself to use it on a daily basis. lol

INTERESTING: I forgot to tell you before! So there's a place called Brigham's Landing where missionaries are allowed to go on their P-day to hang out and get food. The first week I was here, I didn't go, but a few of the other missionaries did. They saw Jeremy from Studio C there, and since we're ALL Spanish speaking here at the West MTC, they decided to SYL (STL, really. Speak Their Language.) and said, "Hola, Cómo estas?". Do you know how Jeremy reacted?
 "I don't speak Spanish, you racist missionaries!" Yeah. Rude. haha I laughed so hard when I heard it. lol

Anyways... What else this week, while I've still got about 21 minutes left to write?

I didn't tell you! Last week's Tuesday Devotional (Not the 19th, the 12th) L. Tom Perry spoke! It was really cool. He talked about the importance and power of companionships.

Ummmmmmm.... Yo no sé que más a decir...

Is it weird that I'm, like, totally in love with my Spanish set of scriptures? I just like holding them. They make me happy. (Although, sadly, they don't fit in the case that Suzie put my name on for me. :P) (I will attach a pic of them that I took that I think looks really cool.)

My companion and I are still getting along well. :) Her family keeps sending her food, so she's been sharing with the whole apartment (4 sisters). There's plenty of snacks. lol

I absolutely LOVE the Elders here! They are awesome and keep me laughing. XD Elders are the best.

I'm still trying to think of things to tell you, but my mind is drawing a blank... 10 minutes left. :P

Since I know how to bear my testimony in Spanish now, I think I will do that. :)

Yo sé que la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimas Días es verdadera. Yo sé que las escrituras son muy importantes y que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador. Yo sé que Thomas S. Monson es un profeta de Dios. Yo sé que Dios es amoroso y quiere todos a Sus hijos a venir a Cristo. Yo sé que Dios nos ama. Yo sé que estoy aquí a la CCM a aprender cómo enseñar los hijos de Dios en México. Le amo Dios. Yo digo estas cosas en en nombre de Jesucristo, Amén.

I love you guys! You're awesome! :) (And I love receiving letters.)

♥ Hermana Beaumont

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I leave for Mexico exactly one month from today... Crazy, huh?! 

Things are going well here. We finished with our first "investigator", Lorenzo. But my companion and I were the only ones that didn't get him to be baptized! D: We forgot how to ask the question in Spanish! So we made sure we learned it this time so for our next "investigators", (Pedro, from Guatemala and Jesica, from Buenos Aires, Argentina) we'll be ready. :P

Today was really awesome. Our District Leader (the one that looks like James Franco, picture attached) is a convert to the church. (Also the only member in his family.) He's been a member for just over 17 months. I tell you this, because today we got to go to the temple and do work for his family. He got special permission from the MTC President to do baptisms, and we did quite a few names. The spirit was so strong! Then we went to the main campus of the MTC and took pictures in front of the giant map. It was awesome!

It snowed today. First time since I got here. :)

Spanish is going pretty well, I think. Puedo hablar mucho, si yo trato. :3

The other Hermanas that my companion and I are living with are awesome. Hermana Lance is an illustration major at BYU and is A M A Z I N G at drawing. Seriously. She's also kind of hilarious. Jussayin'. And her companion Hemana Washburn is super cute and fun to talk to. :)

AMY! You will be happy to know that my companion and I used the cups to teach the restoration to our investigator, Lorenzo. IN SPANISH. He's actually a teacher of a different name, and in his feedback he said that it was a little complicated, but really good. :)

Okay, so I am going to try to describe the pictures I'm attaching, but probably not all of them. Some are self explanatory.
 Pic1: My tag! "Dork dot" still attached.

Pic2: Rules of SYL (Or HSI: Hablar Su Idioma)

Pic3: Me and my companion, Hermana Price.

Pic4: Elder Graf! James Franco look alike...

I will send more in a separate e-mail because it's not letting me attach more. :P

One other thing... My zone is pretty much OBSESSED with four-square. It's, like, weird. Haha It's pretty funny, actually.

I am having a great time and am doing well, so don't worry. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I love you all! :)

Here are the other pictures I wanted to attach. Some at the map, some at the temple. Also, one of me at the building where we have class and one of my companion as well. Also, there's one of me with my district. :)

♥ Hermana Beaumont

Saturday, November 9, 2013

HAPPY P-DAY EVERYONE! (Or is that just me...?)

Things are great here at the MTC. I have an awesome companion and an amazing district. :3 I thought my mother would like to know that I am actually at the West MTC (which used to be housing for BYU, but has been modified to account for all of the new missionaries) so I probably won't get to see Erika except for MAYBE at devotional on Tuesdays. (BTW, EVERYONE at the West MTC is Spanish speaking, so there's a lot of opportunity to practice.)

Speaking of devotionals, guess who's speaking this Tuesday!? L. TOM PERRY. I'm SUPER excited!

A couple things my siblings might find interesting/amusing:
1.) My companion's name is Hermana Price... isn't there a character in the BoM musical with that last name?
and 2.) There is an elder in my district that looks uncannily like James Franco. I didn't get to get a good picture of him, but I will try in the next couple of weeks. (He was planning on getting a haircut today, so I might have to wait.)

Okay! So there's actually a lot more. First, I've already taught my first "investigator"... IN SPANISH. (I'll be seeing him again later tonight.) They expect a lot of you here at the MTC, but Erika don't let that scare you. They're SUPER nice and super understanding if you make mistakes.

One of the rules here is SYL.... Speak Your Language. The second part of that being: Use what you know. If you can only say, "I have to use el baño," then that's what you say. I'm actually remembering a lot more of my high school Spanish and it's helping a lot. The teacher actually asked me if I wanted to change to the intermediate class, but I told her no because I already love my district too much. Plus, I can still learn everything I need to in the beginner class. :)

The food is pretty awesome here, and Erika: All the drinks are caffeine free. Can I hear a "hallelujah!"?

I was at the main campus for a little less than a day, so I can tell Erika a couple of things: It's huge; try not to get lost. More than likely you will be sharing a room with five other girls (the room I stayed in had three bunk beds.) And make sure you bring something to carry your shower stuff in! I forgot to and the first night was hard. :P But it's pretty awesome. (I like West MTC better, personally.)

Having my tag is awesome! I still don't really feel like a Sister Missionary, but at least I look like one. lol

Okay, so, reasons why my companion is awesome:
1.) She's gorgeous. (Jussayin')
2.) She's humble.
3.) She helps me exercise. (It's been cool.)
4.) And she's hard working, so she keeps me in check. haha

Hermana Price is from Utah, about an hour from the MTC, so she and one of the other Hermanas in the district have been having a hard time with homesickness. (The other is from Idaho.) She's really quiet, so sometimes I worry that maybe I'm being annoying or something, but she says that I haven't done anything thus far to make her dislike me. lol She's working really hard at Spanish, and though I don't really know much, I have been able to help her some.

Okay, this is where I tell you how terrible of a person I am. Yesterday, we were in the computer lab doing language study, and there was an Elder sitting diagonally across from me. His name was Elder Musselman. I, being the somewhat sleep-deprived person that I was, died laughing. I felt so bad, but it was so funny! Then, his companion started laughing at me, and Elder M. told me that the dry cleaning lady had the same reaction, which only made my laughter worse. Tears streaming down my face, I tried to apologize but it was hard, as I couldn't really speak. Yeah. I'm a horrible person.

I AM FRUSTRATED. The stupid computer won't let me send you pictures, so they will probably have to wait until next week when I can find someone to help me. (It's just me and Hermana Price in here right now.)

I love you all! (Especially you, familia.)

♥ - Hermana Beaumont

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hey, so I'm leaving in 6 days...

...and I have yet to start packing. I don't know why it's so hard for me. I think Satan has found my other weakness. (Procrastination being the first.) It's just that packing is so stressful! I don't even know what makes it so for me! Like, I go to my room where all my stuff is and I take one look at my suitcase and my heart rate raises and I think of something I'd rather be doing. I know that it's Satan talking, but I still can't find the motivation to pack! I cleaned my room some today and went through some stuff to see what I would want to bring with me, but other than that I wasn't very productive today. :P I really want to be! I pray every night and morning that I will have the motivation to pack, but it just doesn't work! I know that Heavenly Father isn't ignoring me though. I feel that He probably just wants me to get myself off of the computer/internet in general and GET TO WORK!  I mean, I can't WAIT to get to the MTC! I WANT to work and I WANT to read my scriptures all the time and be good! I WANT IT. I don't know what the point of this blog post is. I just wanted to rant, I guess. I hope that I can get better. People reading this (if there is anyone) please pray for me that I will be able to pack in a timely manner. (And start getting to bed at a decent time. lol) I love you all! (Even if I don't know you.)

♥- Hermana Beaumont

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Farewell Talk

Hey, errybody! So, I am leaving for my mission in 9 days and had my "not farewell" today. (It just so happened that I, my sister, and my father spoke today and that my sisters and I sang two songs relating to missionary work. Just so happened.) I spoke, and I was ridiculously nervous because I hate speaking in front of people, but I did it anyways. So I thought I would share my talk with you guys! :) (Not that anyone actually reads this blog.) So here it is:

Good morning, Brothers and Sisters. Today, I was asked to speak on preparing spiritually for a mission. To start off, I would like to tell you what made me decide to serve. I remember when my dad's sister came home from her mission, I was really little. My mom asked me if I was going to serve a mission and I said, "Yes." Since then, serving a mission has always been in the back of my mind, but only as something that wouldn't be happening for a LONG time. As I got older, I went from, "I'm going on a mission!" to "I'll serve if I am not married by the time I'm twenty-one." Well, I'm not married and I'm not 21. Last year, President Thomas S. Monson announced that the age for missionaries to enter the mission field had been lowered. 18 for the Elders and 19 for the sisters. When he made that announcement, I cried tears of joy. At that time, I knew that I wanted to serve. I started to pray about it, to know that that was what Heavenly Father wanted for me. I didn't receive my answer right away. I went to school at BYU-Idaho and was there for three months when I finally received my answer. I was in Sacrament meeting in my singles ward, when I noticed my roommate pull out her patriarchal blessing. I thought, "Oh! That's a great idea!" and pulled mine out and started to read. An overwhelming feeling filled my heart and I knew my answer. I needed to serve.
Mission preparation is hard to describe. I haven't really been thinking about "preparing". It's been more like, "I'm going on a mission in November and there are these things that I have to do." But it hasn't been easy (nothing worth doing ever is). It's actually been quite difficult. I could tell you what I did and what I wish I had done. I could tell you what others are doing and what I've been told to do. But really, what it comes down to, is that it's hard. One of my biggest fears is that I won't be ready. That I won't know all of the material and that I haven't been spending enough time reading my scriptures. That when it comes time to teach, the words won't come. That I won't be able to learn the language. I'm afraid that I won't get along with my companion and that she won't like me. I'm afraid that I won't be able to walk all the miles I said I would and that I won't be able to take the heat. I'm afraid of the bugs. I'm afraid that I will miss my family too much to concentrate. But what I am the very most afraid of is that I will disappoint my Heavenly Father. Because HE is the reason that I am leaving for 18 months and HE is the reason that I am facing all of these fears. Because of my love for Him.
So, what can a person do to prepare spiritually for a mission? One very important thing one can do is pray. Pray to Heavenly Father to learn from Him. Listen to the counsel of the prophet and apostles. Read the scriptures daily, because through them, Heavenly Father communicates to you. Go to the temple! Gain a testimony of temple work. There is no other place on earth where you can feel His presence so strongly. Gain a testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ. Learn of Him so that you may be able to be  like Him. Take the time to serve others. Be a missionary. In October 2005 General Conference, Elder David A. Bednar said, "The single most important thing you can do to prepare for a call to serve is to become a missionary long before you go on a mission." Pray for opportunities to share the gospel and you will be blessed. 1 Nephi 13:37 says, "And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost; and if they endure unto the end they shall be lifted up at the last day, and shall be saved in the everlasting kingdom of the Lamb; and whoso shall publish peace, yea, tidings of great joy, how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be."
We don't go to church just to go or to say we go. It's a committment. It is an opportunity to better oneself. It is a reminder of who we are and of who put us here. If anything, it helps us to know we're not alone. None of us are perfect. All of us, all of our leaders have flaws. There is only one thing that you will find at church that has no flaws and that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm not perfect and the people that I am going to teach aren't going to be perfect, but what I am teaching is. I, as an imperfect human being, am challenged with the task of teaching imperfect people of a perfect Gospel and a perfect God. I'm trying not to let that intimidate me. Why? Because there are people here that do it every day. There are people here that have done it, and lived to tell the tale. And there are other imperfect people like myself, all over the world that are preparing to teach Heavenly Father's children of the Gospel.
Notwithstanding the difficulty of this, there is one other thing that works against us. Satan. Satan works so hard to keep us from going, by putting doubts in our heads. "What if I'm not good enough?" "What if I can't think of anything to say?"  And for foreign language missionaries like myself, "What if I say something wrong and they laugh at me?" Something I try really hard to remember is this: Satan lies. He lies! All the time! He doesn't love us! He doesn't want us to succeed! Any negative thought we have ever had about ourselves, comes from him. We are all good enough. We are children of a Heavenly Father that loves us and knows each of us personally. He will help us, if we only take the time to ask Him. When we are serving Him, He doesn't let us go out alone. We are given the Holy Ghost. As long as we keep ourselves worthy and are obedient, he will be there as a comfort and a guide. He will direct us in what to say, so that we can teach with his help. Not only do we have the Holy Ghost to help us, we are given companions that also have the Holy Ghost. He or she will be guided by the spirit so that we can work hand in hand. They might know what to say well before I do. Unfortunately, since I'm speaking a foreign language, I will probably get laughed at. One thing that I hate the most is being laughed at. What I try to keep in mind is that it's okay to mess up. It's not my first language and no one will be expecting me to be perfect. I have to learn to laugh at myself instead of being hurt or offended when someone else laughs at me. Something I have been doing to prepare myself is to study pronunciation. That way, if I use the wrong word, at least I will be saying it correctly. I have been afraid that learning the language will be too hard, but I know that with faith, it will come.
Something that has comforted me in preparing for my mission is the hope that there are members that will be willing to help me and my companion. It has been told to us time and time again that missionary work isn't just for full-time missionaries. Everyone that has a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has the responsibility to share it with all those who are willing to listen. Every person that has ever served a full time mission has probably been a "member missionary" at some time or another. Once, I basically taught the first discussion to a friend of mine, all because he asked me, "So what makes your church different from other Christian religions?" At the time, I hadn't had a good record with sharing the gospel with others. I wasn't very good at it. When I was done, however, he got a weird kind of impressed look on his face. (Coupled with a, "Hmm.") After he left, my sister looked at me, jaw hanging, because that had been the best I had ever done in explaining our religion. But you don't have to give a lesson or even speak to be a missionary. In the April 1972 General Conference, William H. Bennett said, "... members of the Church everywhere should remind themselves that the gospel is to be preached and taught by example and not just by word of mouth. The lives of all Church members should be shining examples of the gospel of Jesus Christ in action. ... as members of the Church, it is our responsibility to assist the missionaries in finding investigators to whom the message of the gospel can be taught. The missionary program needs the help of all of us—young and old—and it needs our help now." 1972. Forty years later, we are still receiving the same counsel from our church leaders, to teach by example and to help the missionaries. This alone can help any to reach the decision to serve a full time mission, if only they have the faith. Faith is the opposite of fear, and the foundation of testimony. With sufficient faith, anything can be accomplished.

I would like to bear my testimony that I know that this church is true. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me. I know that Thomas S. Monson is His prophet. I have a testimony of the Atonement, that through Jesus Christ, all may be saved. I have a testimony of the power of the Priesthood. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the Sacred Grove and that through him, the Gospel was restored to the earth. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that callings are inspired. I know that the Temple is Heavenly Father's sacred house. I know that missionary work is hard, but I also know that it is worth every bug, every step, every drop of sweat, and every knock on every door. And I leave these things with you in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

So... Long time, no write. :)

Hey! (I'm pretty sure no one reads this, but I will greet my imaginary audience anyway.)

I have been taking my Temple Prep class and have discovered that it is basically a really good review of what I already know. :) There have been a few new concepts, but nothing more than I really expected. My sister and I will be going through the temple for the first time in thirteen days! I'm super excited. :)

I am continuing to try to get better at studying my scriptures, the problem being that I don't really know how to study anything. :P So, basically, I'm just reading through it again, but in Spanish. My mother has come up with a goal for my family; we are all going to try to read through the BoM once before I leave for my mission. (My sister is going on a mission too, but she's leaving two weeks after me.) I'll be reading it in Spanish and everyone else will be reading it in English. (Except I think my sister will be reading it in Italian, I'm not sure.) I'm on chapter fifteen of 1 Nefi, but I'm supposed to be finished with sixteen today... I might have to read extra tomorrow. Oh well, extra scripture reading never hurt anyone. :)

I have 59 days until I leave. It seemed so far away until I thought about it today... But it's so much closer than I thought! I'm actually starting to get nervous and I REALLY need to finish learning chapter 3 of PMG. BUT IT'S SO HARD TO MOTIVATE MYSELF. And I really want the Spanish version so I can learn at least some of the information in Spanish. :P I will probably buy a small one when I go to the temple.

I'm so nervous and excited and overwhelmed and I AM JUST SO EXCITED I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO MEXICO!

OH! And while I'm thinking about it, when I was reading my scriptures earlier I decided to read out loud, and LET ME TELL YOU how very weird it was to hear myself speaking Spanish! It's weird because when I read to myself, my brain-voice pronounces everything perfectly, but my mouth is so unaccustomed to Spanish that it came out jumbled and weird! And I became more unsure of my pronouncing abilities... I should do that every day. It will probably help me to become more comfortable with the language. Anyways, it's getting late, so I am going to sign of with an "ADIÓS AMIGOS" and my chosen mission scripture, in Spanish:

"Y bienaventurados aquellos que procuren establecer a mi Sión en aquel día, porque tendrán en don y el poder den Espíritu Santo; y si perseveran hasta el fin, ser
án enaltecidos en el úlitimo día y se salvarán en el reino eterno del Cordero; y los que publiquen la paz, sí, nuevas de gran gozo, ¡cuán bellos serán sobre las montañas!"

1 Nefi 13:37

<3 Hermana Beaumont

Monday, August 19, 2013


So, I have been practicing praying in Spanish. I say my personal morning and evening prayers in Spanish and when I have lunch, I use a really simple prayer to bless it. Last night though, I had my room to myself and decided to pray orally in Spanish. (Which, by the way, I have never even done in English before. At least, not for my personal prayer.) I felt the Spirit so strongly! It was wonderful! I plan on doing that a lot more often, which will just mean that I have to go to bed long before my sister. (Joy.)

I need to read my scriptures more often. It's hard for me to find the motivation after being at work all day and just wanting to relax. :P

So a couple of weeks ago, the sisters in my ward were talking to the Relief Society about a ward missionary effort that they needed help starting and at the end, they told us that they loved all of us. A year ago, I would have rolled my eyes and been all, "Yeah, right. You don't even know all of us!" (In my head of course.) But now that I have my call, I completely understand. The sisters that serve in your wards and stakes love you. They have loved you since the moment that they opened up their mission calls! I love the people of México! I have since the moment I opened my mission call! I am overwhelmed with the love that I feel towards them and with the love that I know that the sisters in my ward have for me and for the other members in my ward and for all the people that they have yet to meet that are waiting to learn the gospel from them. As those sisters spoke to the Relief Society sisters, I looked around the room at women around me and thought, "NO. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. THEY REALLY DO LOVE YOU." It's a wonderful, beautiful, and extremely overwhelming feeling of love and joy and I really can't wait to serve the people of México. I am so excited.

<3 Hermana Beaumont

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mission Prep

Hey Everyone!

So, I have been unsure of how to prepare spiritually for my mission. I try to read my scriptures every day, but it's hard to make myself study Preach My Gospel. I know it's extremely important, but it's still hard to make myself do it. :P

So, tomorrow I get to start my Temple Prep class! It was supposed to start last week, but didn't end up happening. I am really excited about it. :)

I can't think of anything else to say... I'm terrible at writing. lol So... I will write again later! :)

<3 Hermana Beaumont

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting My Mission Call

I'm just going to start at the beginning. I have wanted to serve a mission since I was very young. I remember when my aunt came home from her mission in Bolivia and my mother telling me that one day I would be old enough to serve a mission, if I wanted. I knew then and there that I would.

Fast forward to October 2012. I am 18 years old and my family is sitting in our living room, watching General Conference. Thomas S. Monson addresses the world and announces that all worthy young men and women can serve missions at new, younger ages. (18 for men and 19 for women. See Video Below.)

BEST. VIDEO. EVER. (Jussayin') Any-who, I cried. Like a baby. My brother laughed at me and my family stared, but I was so excited. Here was my opportunity to serve the Lord at an earlier age than anyone had ever anticipated. Immediately after Conference was over, I went on facebook to see how the peeps on AMSSA were reacting. I saw so many posts by girls saying, "It's in my patriarchal blessing and now I know when I should go!" and "I've been praying about it for months and this is my answer!" and "Right after the announcement I prayed about it and I knew that I was meant to serve a mission!" I stopped. In my excitement, I never once stopped to consider what Heavenly Father wanted for me. I began to pray and read my patriarchal blessing. Unfortunately, my blessing is very vague on the subject, and all I could do was find my own interpretation of what it meant. I read it and I got... nothing. I prayed every night and every night I received the same thing. Nothing. Not one peep. I prayed for 5 months, and in the meantime, I attended school at BYU-Idaho. I made new friends and met new people. I started new hobbies and learned new things. I had roommates that I wasn't related to for the first time in my life, and MAN was that hard! But I had a blast. It was sometime around March when I finally received my answer. I was in sacrament meeting in my singles ward. The Sacrament was being passed, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw my roommate pull out a copy of her patriarchal blessing. I thought, "Oh! What a great idea!" So I pulled mine out and said a quick prayer for guidance. As I was reading my blessing, an overwhelming feeling of joy came over me and I knew. I was going to serve a mission.

Unfortunately, at that time, I was still five months away from my 19th birthday. So I waited. I talked about it all the time, of course. (Probably really annoyed my roommates!) More than anything I wanted to speak Spanish, but I knew that Heavenly Father would send me where I was meant to go. Finally, at the end of April I was able to begin the mission application process. It was long, but mostly because my family was on the other side of the country from me and I had to wait for them to give me a lot of the necessary information. I finally submitted my papers on July 2, 2013. I don't mean my stake president did. I did. He had all of my information on his iPad and held it out to me, saying that he didn't want to make me serve. He wanted me to choose to. So, I took the iPad from him and pressed "Submit", knowing that soon my papers would be sent to Salt Lake.

I waited two weeks and two days. Six days before I received my call, it was assigned. It was TORTURE knowing that there were people in the world that knew where I was going, and I didn't! I received my mission call on July 18th, 2013. I walked to my mailbox with the thought repeating in my head, "Don't get your hopes up. It won't be there. It won't be there. It won't be there." I opened the mailbox and LO AND BEHOLD, THERE IT WAS! IN ALL IT'S SPLENDOR! I grabbed it and slammed the mailbox shut, running like a maniac back to my apartment. (There was a girl walking in the opposite direction that was giving me funny looks, so I shouted, "MY MISSION CALL CAME TODAY!" and she understood and shouted, "Congratulations!" and went along her way.) I posted it on facebook with this picture:

I was so excited! BUT I HAD TO WAIT! I still had a class right after I got it and I had to wait for my family so I could skype with them. I was restless though the entirety of my class and couldn't WAIT to get home.

I finally was able to open my mission call at 2:30 PM (MST). I opened it and read it aloud:

"Dear Sister Beaumont,

You are hereby called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the México Tijuana Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 18 months.

You should report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on Wednesday, November 13, 2013.You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language."

I couldn't believe it! I had wanted more than anything to speak Spanish, and Heavenly Father answered my prayers! Just before I got my call, however, I prayed for Heavenly Father to help me to love wherever he sent me, no matter what language I would be speaking and no matter where I went. He answered both! I love the people of México and I am so excited to serve!