Sunday, September 8, 2013

So... Long time, no write. :)

Hey! (I'm pretty sure no one reads this, but I will greet my imaginary audience anyway.)

I have been taking my Temple Prep class and have discovered that it is basically a really good review of what I already know. :) There have been a few new concepts, but nothing more than I really expected. My sister and I will be going through the temple for the first time in thirteen days! I'm super excited. :)

I am continuing to try to get better at studying my scriptures, the problem being that I don't really know how to study anything. :P So, basically, I'm just reading through it again, but in Spanish. My mother has come up with a goal for my family; we are all going to try to read through the BoM once before I leave for my mission. (My sister is going on a mission too, but she's leaving two weeks after me.) I'll be reading it in Spanish and everyone else will be reading it in English. (Except I think my sister will be reading it in Italian, I'm not sure.) I'm on chapter fifteen of 1 Nefi, but I'm supposed to be finished with sixteen today... I might have to read extra tomorrow. Oh well, extra scripture reading never hurt anyone. :)

I have 59 days until I leave. It seemed so far away until I thought about it today... But it's so much closer than I thought! I'm actually starting to get nervous and I REALLY need to finish learning chapter 3 of PMG. BUT IT'S SO HARD TO MOTIVATE MYSELF. And I really want the Spanish version so I can learn at least some of the information in Spanish. :P I will probably buy a small one when I go to the temple.

I'm so nervous and excited and overwhelmed and I AM JUST SO EXCITED I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO MEXICO!

OH! And while I'm thinking about it, when I was reading my scriptures earlier I decided to read out loud, and LET ME TELL YOU how very weird it was to hear myself speaking Spanish! It's weird because when I read to myself, my brain-voice pronounces everything perfectly, but my mouth is so unaccustomed to Spanish that it came out jumbled and weird! And I became more unsure of my pronouncing abilities... I should do that every day. It will probably help me to become more comfortable with the language. Anyways, it's getting late, so I am going to sign of with an "ADIÓS AMIGOS" and my chosen mission scripture, in Spanish:

"Y bienaventurados aquellos que procuren establecer a mi Sión en aquel día, porque tendrán en don y el poder den Espíritu Santo; y si perseveran hasta el fin, ser
án enaltecidos en el úlitimo día y se salvarán en el reino eterno del Cordero; y los que publiquen la paz, sí, nuevas de gran gozo, ¡cuán bellos serán sobre las montañas!"

1 Nefi 13:37

<3 Hermana Beaumont