Thursday, August 14, 2014


Well today is my birthday! Tengo 20 años. XD
I have a bunch of pictures. XD The members here are great! At the end of this day, I will have had 3 parties. XD (I only have pictures of two of them. One from a week ago and one from yesterday.)
Pictures: one from each "party" and two from this morning. (My companion didn't even give me time to shower.)

This week went well, I think. We lost two days of work because my companion had to go to Tijuana, but it's all good. :) We still worked hard. I am finding that I LOVE missionary work. We found an investigator bien suave. At first he didn't want anything, but one of the youth was accompanying us and began to talk about the priesthood and it sparked his interest and so we got the chance to talk about lesson 1 (the restoration) and at the end he commited to read the book of mormon and even told us that in his church he feels like he's missing something AND WE HAVE IT AND WE GET TO SHARE IT WITH HIM and it's super awesome. His name is Sergio. :)

I don't have a lot of time! I love you all and I will write again next week!

    Misión México Tijuana


I now know why I felt like my face was melting off. One hermano told us that that day it was 58 degrees celsius. Or, to translate, A WHOPPING 136 DEGREES FARHENHEIT. YES. I AM NOT LYING NOR AM I EXAGGERATING. I honestly thought he was joking, but many other members have confirmed the temperature. And that same hermano told us that that day, we were the HOTTEST PLACE ON EARTH. ON EARTH. I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT MYSELF. BUT IT'S TRUE.

(I'm super feliz because in this papeleria, they're playing Beatle's songs. XD)

OKAY! What do I have to say today?

We had a very sad and difficult experience this week. We were teaching a family that owns a fish food stand (puesto de mariscos) and we were teaching about the Book of Mormon. They told us straight up that for them, it's just a book and it has no significance whatsoever. We tried and did all we could, but they flat out rejected us.  The señora told us, almost angrily and almost crying, that she wanted absolutely nothing to do with "ese libro" (that book). That it says in the bible that we shouldn't take away or add to the bible and that it would be blasphemy to accept any other book. And I was filled with a profound sadness. Not because they rejected us, and not because of what they said about the BoM. No, I was sad because when they rejected us and the BoM, they rejected their salvation. After our experience with them, we had a lesson with an investigator and I was so... animated by our experience, that that was literally one of the best lessons I have taught in my entire mission. I NEVER want to experience that again. I NEVER want to see another person reject their salvation so coldly. I know that I can't control the agency of others, but I CAN control how I am. How I teach and how I act. I want to be the best missionary that I can, because even if they don't want to change, I will be able to help the people here that are waiting and ready.

Now, after that spiritual thought: PICTURES!
1.) I finally have a decent picture of me and my companion.
2.) We had EXCHANGES! This is Hermana Camacho. She has been on her mission for a little less than a month. XD
3.) Sometimes when it's really hot during the day, when we get home at night, we water the lawn . (and ourselves.)
4.) My companion went to Tijuana today for a meeting, so I am staying here in TRIO! :D
5.) I have discovered that in August it rains a lot in San Luis. It POURED yesterday and these are the clouds from afterward.


OH! THIS WEEK SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT WILL HAPPEN.... HUMP DAY!!!!! (and my birthday is next week. Don't forget. haha)
    Misión México Tijuana


SERIOUSLY. The hottest day this past week was Wednesday and I felt like my face was melting off.

This week was my first week with Hermana Bautista. She's pretty great (kind of crazy) and teaches really well. I hope that I can learn a lot from her. :)

I don't have a lot of time now! So I will put pictures!
(I know you're wondering about my signature. Don't question it. It was the idea of one of my companions.)

1.) YEsterday

    Misión México Tijuana



Today, I would like to tell you about two investigators that we have found recently.

One is named Meche (short for Mercedes). He is 80 years old and super adorable. (picture attached) We found him on our way to an appointment. He waved and greeted us, so we decided to contact him. We taught him all of lesson 1 (the restoration) and he accepted a baptismal date. Not only that, but he told us that he had seen us pass by multiple times, but was afraid to say something, so the night before we found him, he said a prayer to have the courage to say something to us. The next day, there we were. WOW, huh!?

The other investigator is named Rosa Isela. She's as we like to say here "ESCOGIDISSIMA". How we met her? She showed up at church on Sunday in the search of the true church of Jesus Christ. We set up an appointment with her at the end of meetings and met with her that day. When we visited her, she AND her husband AND her 8 year old daughter all accepted a baptismal date. Not only that, when we returned the Tuesday afterward, she had already read what she thought was "un poquito". She read, the introduction, the testimonies of the 3 witnesses, 8 witnesses, and Joseph Smith, and the first chapter of 1 Nephi. :O It took all of my energy not to allow my jaw to drop. She even knew everything that happened. "Laman and Lemuel are the ones that were rebellious and thought that there dad was crazy... etc" We were SHOCKED. We visited her again on Friday, and she had already read the pamphlet for lesson 2 (Plan of Salvation). In the back there are questions that, normally, no one pays attention to AND SHE WAS ANSWERING THEM. She understands the doctrine super well it's amazing. We have an appointment with her today and I literally CAN'T WAIT.

In other news, we had.... TRANSFERS!!!!!!

I am with Hermana Bautista! She was trained by my previous companion, Hermana Chavarría. And she trained the trainer of Hermana Reyna. SO, I basically have a bunch of companions from the same family. haha Of course, I'm still here in San Luis, and August is THE HOTTEST MONTH OF THE YEAR. They say that it gets up to between 120 and 130 degrees fahrenheit(sp?) so PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. (Extra. I know you're all praying for me out there.)

What else do I say? Um... OOH! PICTURES!
1.) Me with Meche.
2.) My zone before transfers. (One of the sisters bought a cake.)

3.) We had exchanges twice this past week. One with Hermana Ramírez and the other...
4.) with Hermana Utrera.
5.) All six of us together for the last time.

Okay, my time is almost up... So... ADIÓS!!!!! LES QUIERO MUCHO!!!!!

♥Hermana Beaumont


Hello everyone! I hope you are all well!

I am quite well. This week went splendidly and I look forward to the week to come. Actually, I'm a little scared... Why? TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

My companion, Hermana Chavarría, is going home. She's finally finished her mission and is super excited to see her family again. I, on the other hand, still have a long way to go. (10 Months left! Wow! Where did the time go?)

We finally had a conference with our new mission president, President García and WE RECEIVED A FAN! :D (And a new microwave.) (Picture attached. I put it together and was very proud of myself.) Presidente García is pretty awesome. He told us that he's going to be like our grandfather... lol It's going to be interesting.

1.) The fan.
2.) A family in our ward has what they call a "vivero" and they grow cactus.
3.) My companion and me. :D
4.) Weird selfie with my "casco pelón". We were waiting for an investigator.

I had a lot more to say to you guys but I honestly don't remember what it was, so...


♥Hermana Beaumont


I don't have much to say to you guys, and I have even less time, but I thought you would all like to know that the other night, I FINALLY DREAMED IN SPANISH. It was pretty much awesome. (I don't remember what happened, just that I was talking to my mother (love you mom!) and it was really weird.)

I'm really sorry that I don't have time to write anything... A lot of people wrote to me this week and I had to reply. (I'll try to write faster in the future.)

♥Hermana Beaumont

1 photobombed by a recent convert
2 tan lines
3 selfie

Adiós Presidente Carreón! 06/30/14

This week, we said goodbye to our beloved mission president, Presidente Carreón. It was all very sad... and we took a bunch of pictures. (My companion lent me her blazer...) So they will be attached. And, I haven't met him yet, but we have a new mission presidente named Presidente García. :) We still don't know if he will let us drink Coca-Cola, but we will find out soon. (I hope. I don't know if I ever told you that it was a rule: No Coke or other caffeinated drinks.)

Anyways, this week, we had a miracle baptism! Actually, we didn't even know we were having a baptism. (We didn't attend.) It was of a young boy that wasn't what they call "niño inscrito". He's 8 years old and was baptized by his grandfather. However, because his parents aren't members, we get to count it as a convert baptism. haha (And it's not like his grandparents forced him... He had been really super excited for two months to get baptized.) It's pretty great.

Speaking of baptisms, we are going to have one either this week, or next week. The investigator is named Marco. He's actually pretty great. I met him with Hna. Reyna and he was super shocked that there are young women that are spending a year and a half of their lives preaching the Gospel. So, he started to listen to us and now wants to get baptized! It's super awesome. I will be sending pictures when it happens.

Explanation of the last picture:
The elders in our zone didn't have air conditioning, and we discovered that one of our units is from the Mission (we had 3) so they came to take it out and change it for one of the other ones in the house. They had to destroy the wall and everything. It was pretty great. (And noisy. And we didn't get to do our weekly planning. But that's okay.)

Anyways, I am about to run out of time... So... ADIÓS!

♥Hermana Beaumont

WORLD CUP! I might just root for Mexico...

Everywhere we go, there are people watching the world cup! So, I know a little bit of what is going on... haha (Today Mexico was playing against Croatia)

MIRACLES! Yesterday, when we entered the chapel for sacrament meeting it started and... NONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS WERE THERE. I was super angry, but then one of them walked in... And then two more! And then a family, that we didn't even think was going to show up CAME! We hadn't been able to find a ride for them, so you know what they did!? THEY WALKED. And REALLY far, in 114°F weather! THAT'S dedication! And we had just met them! Never had we even taught anything yet! (We have an appointment this week.) I believe in miracles. Seriously.

I finally have pictures! And still not much to say other than:

I AM PINOCCHIO! Not because I am a liar, but because I KILLED THE CRICKET! There was a cricket in our house for three days with CREE CREE CREE SUPER LOUD and I KILLED IT. I was super proud of myself. :)

Okay, now for the pictures:
1.) My best friend. It's our air conditioning unit. It's old and noisy, but it does the job!
2.) Me in front of a sign that we THOUGHT said, "Tacos Locos" But according to the owners girlfriend it says "Tacos Lincos". Who knows why...
3.) HUAMUCHIL! (wa-MU-cheel) I finally took a picture! It's a fruit that grows abundantly here in San Luis and is delicious. :D
4.) We had EXCHANGES! This is me with Hermana Ramírez. :D
5.) Today, watching the game in a Thrifty Ice Cream parlour. XD (Like I said, Mexico vs. Croatia)

I hope you enjoy the pictures! LES QUIERO MUCHO!

♥Hermana Beaumont

FINALLY a picture with me and my companion! (This was yesterday.)




This week has gone quite well. We've found a lot more people to teach, especially because my companion is one that is accustomed to a lot of success. (It's still really hot though)

I've had a lot of new goals these days... One of them being to get better every day at what I do. Whether it be in the lessons, contacting, etc. And everyday I am seeing improvement! It's pretty great.

My companion tells me that I'm secretly Mexican because I am the only American that she's met that really loves the Mexican culture. haha

I don't have a lot of time to write a lot and my camera has been acting up so I still don't have pictures. I'm super sorry and I will try to take a LOT this week for you guys. Okay?

LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!! Sorry for not writing more!
♥ Hermana Beaumont