Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cumple-mes, progreso, e INVESTIGADORAS DE ORO 10/6/2014


How are you? I am fine. This week was... AWESOME!!!!!!!!

First of all, today is my CUMPLE-MES! (It's like month-aversary or something) I HAVE BEEN ON MY MISSION FOR 11 MONTHS! WHERE DID THE TIME GO!?

Second, during the general conference, there was an elder that had his little baggies of snacks. But they weren't your ordinary snack... they were.... GRASSHOPPERS. So, naturally, I tried some. (Okay, that's a joke. It was actually REALLY REALLY hard to make myself eat them. But I really did do it.) They didn't taste horrible, but it's not my favorite thing in the world. He told me that it's an acquired taste and that he really does like them. I'm going to see if I can take a picture this Tuesday of me eating them so you can all be disgusted. XD

Third, we have some really awesome investigators, and I will tell you why. One of them, is, as my companion calls them, a "cholo". (Druggy, thuggy guy) His name is Hugo. I contacted him a few weeks ago, and even though my companion was scared, I felt like we needed to talk to him. We have taught the first lesson since then and he went to church for the first time yesterday! He said that he liked it and we are going to be visiting him again tomorrow. :) He's actually really nice and funny.
Remember how I told you guys that two of our investigators were moving? THEY DIDN'T MOVE!!!! We found them again and they are awesome (and adorable) as ever! They both went to the first two sessions of conference on Saturday, and the younger one went to all four! We were really impressed. We told him, "Usted es bien fuerte!" But it was really hard for him to pay attention. That was the only problem. haha
Now, about our INVESTIGADORA DE ORO. She was a reference from the Elders from another area. Her boyfriend is a less active member and we started teaching her a little over a week ago. Despite the very little time, she has already read her BoM and is almost finished with 2 Nephi! She's really intelligent and understands everything perfectly! She's really excited for her baptism at the end of this month! She also presented us with her mother and she is also very receptive and excited. They both went to the first Sunday session of conference and loved it! I will keep  you updated on them.
Last, but certainly not least, we have an investigator named Rosa. She is the sister of one of the members of our ward. When we met her she was relatively hard-hearted. She told us, "Soy católica y seguiré siendo católica." (I am catholic and will always be catholic.) but then said, "Vamos a ver lo que pasa." (we will see what happens.) So, we gave her a BoM. And we have been teaching her regularly. It's amazing how, little by little, she has been changing! She reads her asignments from the BoM and even though she says she doesn't understand them, she is now willing to go to church on Sunday. We have a lot of faith that she will soon be baptized! But we can't push her too much.

Fourth, I had a really cool spiritual experience that I forgot to tell you guys about last week. The Sunday before yesterday, when we were in Sacrament meeting, I was thinking about the investigators that didn't show up on time. When they closed the doors for the passing of the sacrament, I thought about all those who would be left outside and wouldn't be able to participate. In that moment, the sacredness of the ordinance hit me and I felt a great peace fill my mind. I suddenly felt as though I had entered the temple. It was so quiet, there weren't even any babies crying and I felt so grateful that we had arrived on time. The Sacrament is an important ordinance that we must partake of weekly. Not only that, but the chapel is a sacred place and has the same importance as any room inside of the temple. We have to treat it as such and have respect every time we enter so that everyone that enters, whether they're new or have time there, can feel the Spirit.

Okay, so that's basically what happened this week... Now... PICTURES!
1.) I found my estética! (Hair salon)
2.) This is what I wrote/drew in my agenda today.

I know, there's not very many. I will try my best to have more next week.
♥Hermana Beaumont

    Misión México Tijuana

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