Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Helloooo from Mexicoooo

Hello everyone! I don't know that I actually have a lot to say this week. I just want to let you all know that I am well and in good health. It is REALLY hot today, so I am enjoying the air conditioning in this "papelería".

Sadly, I don't have any pictures this week. :( I had to take the batteries out of my camera to put them in my alarm clock. (Normally we use the cell phone wake up, but we couldn't charge it because we didn't have electricity for three days.) But everything is fine now! :D I'll try to take more pictures this week.

Now since I have nothing more to say, I'm going to translate as much of what I've already typed (apart from this phrase) into Spanish:

Hola a todo! No sé si realmente tengo mucho que decir esta semana. Sólo quiero que sepan que estoy bien y con buena salud. Hace MUCHO calor hoy, entonces estoy disfrutando el aire condicionado en este papelería.

Tristezamente, no tengo fotos esta semana. :( Tenía que quitar las baterías de mi cámara para ponerlas en mi despiertador. (Normalmente usamos el celular para despertarnos, pero no pudimos cargarlo porque no teníamos luz por tres dias.) Pero todo está bien ahora! :D Trataré de tomar mas fotos en esta semana.

I hope you're all entertained! But I had to write something to take up space. Haha

I keep forgetting to tell you all! I'm not actually senior companion this transfer. Yes, I have been on my mission more time, but my companion was assigned to be senior companion this transfer. (I only assumed in the beginning because no one told me otherwise.) To be honest, in the beginning, I was... disappointed. Okay, slightly offended. But I talked to my companion and to El Presidente, and I am okay with it now. :) It just gives me extra time to improve. :D

I don't have much more time, but I will be writing in the coming week so I will let you know how it goes! Only two weeks left in this transfer!!! Where did the time go!?

♥ Hermana Beaumont

Hellooooooo everyone!05/19/14

How are ya? I gots lots to tell yous guys. (Gotta love bad grammar. In Spanish it's like saying "yo tener mucho decir ustedes". Kind of.)

Where do I start? This week we had a training meeting with El Presidente and because our zone is so small, he took us all out to eat afterward! (Chinese food!) I have an awesome mission president.

Um.... What else? In this mission, to count an investigator as "new" we have to actually be in their house and teach a full lesson (opening and closing prayer, one or more principles of a lesson, one commitment), and MIRACLE we found 8 new investigators this week! The standard is 12 minimum, but we're still working on it. Unfortunately, one of the investigators we found is moving. He tried to give the BoM back, but we were like, "No! It's a gift!" (Plus it already had his name in it.) I hope he will keep reading it.

Another investigator that we found, looks super familiar to me. I can't figure it out, but she and her husband both. I have faith; they WILL get baptized. 

I can testify that it is the saddest thing in the world when no investigators, or recent converts go to church on Sunday. Just ask your local elders.

Today, I spent almost all day in... BUM BUM BUM... JEANS! :O How is this possible, you ask? We had an awesome zone activity where we went to "Las Dunas" and it's kind of really hard to climb sand dunes in a skirt. (It's hard to climb sand dunes in jeans, actually.) BUT I DID IT! And I am very proud. Today, I also stole an elder's pair of broken sunglasses. Actually, he accidentally left them in the sand, and I happened to pick them up. I have pictures with them. (Don't worry, I gave them back. But he lost them again.) lol Also, we went to Vegas! (Not really!) There's a Las Vegas sign by the dunes where the shot some zombie movie. (that's what my companion told me. I'm not entirely sure.) (My companion isn't in the pictures because she didn't want to climb the dunes; she had already done it.)

Anyways, this week was pretty cool. I hope you enjoy the pictures! LES QUIERO MUCHO!!!!!

♥ Hermana Beaumont

This has been an awesome week!05/12/14

Hello everyone! I hope I can remember all that I want to say to everyone today.

First of all... WE HAD A BAPTISM! His name is José. To be honest, I don't count it as my first baptism because I didn't teach him anything. My companion and her other companion taught him everything, I just came and stole it. lol But I have pictures! :D
 I actually have a lot of pictures to send this week. I hope I can send them all in one e-mail.

1.) Us and our recent convert!

2.) The things I do with the sand while waiting for the elders to come with a key to the church...
3.) Selfie outside of the church (still waiting for the elders)...
4.) The church...
5.) Sunset in San Luis! (it really is beautiful here...)

It was great talking to my family and I look forward to December when I will get to talk again. :D


♥Hermana Beaumont

P.S. More pictures to come! There wasn't room in this e-mail!1.) Helmet Selfie!
2.) Me with my bike!
3.) My companion is awesome. (egg with chorizo with salsa verde con NOPALES!)
4.) Selfie with a cup of grape koolaid. (they say, "agua sabor uva" but I know better.)

LOVE YOU GUYS!1.) My companion with her koolaid.
2.) Proof that I can fall asleep anywhere. (My companion took the picture. We had been moving a mattress upstairs that we had in our kitchen/living room/dining room and I needed a break. lol)


Seriously. There are a bunch of jokes that San Luis is where Satan comes to vacation. They also say that San Luis Rio Colorado is the hottest place on Earth. I don't know if that's true, but it certainly feels like it. I am literally living in the desert. LITERALLY. Like, there's sand (EVERYWHERE), cacti, and not a cloud in the sky. (My companion told me that once it sprinkled outside and she and her companion had to record it in their journals because that NEVER happens.) But yeah. There's a ridiculous amount of sand here.

Interesting things that happened:
1.) We have an investigator that had been listening to the missionaries before, but had a lot of problems with drugs and whatever, and then disappeared. He reappeared on Monday or Tuesday (I don't remember) and is completely clean. Not only that, but he already has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and has been preaching the gospel to people. Yeah. The only two things that he's missing is to get married to his girlfriend/mother of his child and go to church two more Sundays. It's pretty legit.
2.) We got an object lesson from a inactive member of the church. He knows a lot and has a really strong testimony, but can't seem to bring himself to go to church on Sunday. (He promised us he would go, but didn't show. Sad day.)

Interesting things that are going to happen:
We're going to have a baptism on Wednesday! It's an investigator that my companion had been teaching before with her other companion.

What else... Um.... I have no clue. I'm doing okay, other than the fact that I feel like I'm melting all the time and I have to meticulously use sunscreen to keep from getting burned. Pray for me please!

Two Pictures!
1.) Eating watermelon in una Llantera! 
2.) Scripture of the day and a monkey!

♥Hermana Beaumont

TRANSFERS! I want to ride my bicycle...04/28/14

HELLO EVERYONE! So, today we had transfers! And I am now in.... SAN LUIS RIO COLORADO, SONORA! A different state in Mexico and IT IS HOT HERE. Not just that, but.... I HAVE A BICYCLE! Well, it's not mine, but I will be using it for the next 6 weeks, so basically it's mine. haha My companion's name is Hermana Reyna and she has only been on her mission for 3 months (she just finished training) so I will be senior companion. This is going to be an interesting transfer.

In other news, I HAVE PICTURES! WOOHOO! Not sure which ones I'm going to send, but we'll see.

Picture 1.) A dog I had to say goodbye to that's basically in love with me. (It was a sad moment.)
Picture 2.) A picture that I drew for Hna. Espinoza last night. (Whenever something happens with the Elders she starts singing "Ye Elders of Israel".
Picture 3.) MY NEW COMPANION! Woohoo!

I'll try to take some pictures of us with the bikes and of my new area! (It's totally flat; NO HILLS! :D And a LOT of sand...) Sorry I don't have more! I hope you enjoy listening to the concert! ;) (If you have time...)

LOVE YOU GUYS! I'll have more to write next week!

♥ Hermana Beaumont

No hay nada nuevo esta semana...04/14/14

Really, everything is the same. But with more news on Juan. He doesn´t remember anything! We asked him if he knew who Joseph Smith is and he said, "An apostle, right?" I mean, at least he knew that he´s someone important, but now we have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. And we´re taking it slow.

Um... What else? I really don´t have any idea what else to write. I´m doing well... Spanish is going well. There´s still a lot that I´m not sure about and a lot that I don´t understand, but I communicate sufficiently.

Um.... Not sure what else.

OH! I don´t remember if I told you this, but I have found a new love... Fútbol. Today we played as a zone, and while I´m not super good, it´s super fun. And the Élderes were really patient with me, teaching me stuff. I might have to start watching soccer when I get back. (Though during the world cup I don´t know who I would root for if Mexico was playing against Italy. But that´s a problem for future me.)

I´m not sure what pictures I have... Let´s see:
1.) SOPES! They are delicious. :D
2.) Our zone in the last zone conference. (Sorry it´s not super good.)
3.) TINY BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!
4.) The tiny bananas with my new favorite fruit: THE MANGO.
5.) Me with an awesome purple-flowering tree.

I´m really not sure what else to tell you guys... They´re treating me well here, and while at times I feel like a giant mushroom of stress, (Ask Suzie) everything is going great.

I love you all and I will try to have more to write next week!


♥ Hermana Beaumont

So Sorry from Hermana Beaumont Mom

This is again Hermana Beaumont Mom. I'm so sorry that I don't keep up with this blog as good as I should! I hope you can still enjoy it!

Much love, Lucia