Monday, May 18, 2015

May the 4th Be With You 5/4/2015

I almost forgot about that, but a friend wrote to me about it and couldn't resist.
This is my last weekly email and I don't have much time left, but I just want you all to know that I have loved serving the Lord in thses 18 months and I am so happy to have completed what I promised to Him. I love this Work and I never want to stop sharing the Gospel. I am so thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and for what He has done for me and for all of the blessings that God has poured out upon my family. If you want to contact me my other email is and my name is Cassandra Beaumont on facebook (right now it says Hermana, but I will change it Next week.)

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IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!!!!!!! 4/27/2015


WE HAD A BAPTISM! And it was SUPER stressful. But everything worked out great. :D
His name is Wyatt and he is 14. Almost his entire family are members of the church, but for health reasons his mom is inactive. :P His sister also was baptized recently. (In November)

I am doing great. I had my penutimate interview with El Presidente today, and that was nice. 
I'm not sure what else to gell you guys. I am tired, but happy. Next week is my last Monday. (WEIRD) So I will let you guys know more next week.
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LIVIN' ON A PRAYER!!!!! 4/20/2015

I have finished the first half of my last transfer and life is good!
So, last week, one of our investigators that, before, didn't want to get baptized, told us that suddenly he wants to be baptized. So we started teaching him really fast all of the necessary lessons and everything so that he can get baptized tomorrow, and he even passed his interview, when suddenly, we go to his house so that his dad can sign his form-record-thing (in Spanish we say "cédula") and first: His dad isn't there. (and his mom can't sign because she's quadraplegic.) Second: His sister tells us that he's going to wait until May to get baptized because he wants his older brother (who isn't even an active member) to be there. ¡¿WHAT?! So NOW we're super sad and stressed out. BUT, our wonderful zone leaders are going to help us. We have an appointment today to visit them and we're going to see if his mom is willing to let us put her fingerprints (they checked; it counts) but we also have to talk to him about it because we have everything ready for him to be baptized.
In other news, we had two really cool experiences this week.
1.) We were teaching a 17 year old about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is really super receptive and told us that he is looking for happiness and peace. (Ta-da! Here we are!) And when we gave him the Book of Mormon, he said that when it touched his hand, he felt something in his chest. Like, a weird feeling. It was really cool, because my companion and I felt the Spirit super strongly and we testified that that feeling was the Holy Ghost testifying to him. He accepted a baptismal date, but couldn't go to church on Sunday because he had another commitment. But he said that this next week he can go. :)
2.) In the mission we have to have a certain number of contacts and door knockings every day, so one day we still didn't have very many of either, but we also had to have more lessons. And my companion was all like, "No we have to contact people!" So I told her, "No, we're more likely to have a lesson if we knock doors!" (because they can let us inside). Later that day we were looking for someone that we had previously contacted, but he wasn't there, so we turned around and in that same "privada" there was an older lady walking, so we went to talk to her and she was like, "Follow me! Come in!" Turns out, she was the next-door-neighbor of our other contact. She had been listening to the missionaries in Sonora, but had moved to Tijuana recently. We talked about the Restoration as well and she also accepted a baptismal date. (She also couldn't go to church. We still don't know why.)
Anyways, those are my cool experiences of the week. God really does help us to find those that are ready when we are working hard and trying to complete with our purpose as missionaries! I am so grateful to be part of this great Work! I love being a missionary!
♥Hermana Beaumont
Picture: Selfie of the day. I am really tan. :P

4 WEEKS TO GO! 4/13/2015

Okay, so this week was rather difficult. We had a Zone Training Meeting where our lovely ZLs taught us how we can more effectively find new investigators and it's like they cursed us or something because after that we couldn't find a single person! All of our appointments that we had to visit new people fell through and it wasn't until they talked to us personally and issued a challenge that we were able to find someone new. The challenge: Whoever found the least number of new investigators that day, had to buy pizza for the other companionship. We lost, but we were able to see the potential that we have. We contacted 20 people that day and knocked 15 doors (the mission rule is that we have to contact 10 people and knock 6 doors every day, so we doubled the both of them) and of ALL of those people that we talked to, only ONE let us teach her something. Her name is Carmen and she is catholic. Sadly, she didn't go to church this week, but we have an appointment to visit her again and this time SHE WILL GO.
Other than that, nothing super interesting happened. My camera isn't letting me send pictures, so that's all for now. QUE TENGAN UNA BONITA SEMANA!!!

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How are you? I am fine. Weirded out because I got my travel itinerary today, but it's cool. I will get over it.
General Conference was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I learned a lot and felt the Spirit SUPER strongly.
Time goes by fast! SO, this week we found out that one of the families that we are teaching is a family of Gypsies! Also, one of our investigators is quickly progressing towards baptism. The problem will be finding him and teaching him, but we've already taught WoW, and he has no problems, so that´s cool.
Okay, really fast I am alive and well and will be writing next week! QUE TENGAN UNA BUENA SEMANA!!!
♥Hermana Beaumont
1.) A wall that made me laugh
2.) They don't have easter things here, so I bought myself a chocolate egg (available all year round). It was good, but I only bought it for the toy. #kidatheart
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