Monday, April 6, 2015

How YOU doin'? 01/12/2015

I'm pretty great. I'm pretty used to mission life right about now. But I keep thinking about home. (It's not my fault! My companion is going home in 5 weeks and we're both a little bit trunky.) But the Work goes on.

#missionaryproblems We have a lot of investigators that we are teaching but NO ONE wants to go to church! Two weeks in a row without even a SINGLE investigator! This is horrible!  #thestruggleisreal #imisshashtags

Anyways, I am running out of time, so I will just send pictures. (I'm sorry for the lack of awesome, spiritual stories... I can't remember them all under pressure. pressin down on me, pressin down on you, no man asked for...)

1.) IT SNOWED IN MEXICO. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? (It's just on the mountain/hill but it's still pretty amazing. Everyone was freaking out. And now you know THAT IT IS COLD HERE.)
2.) This is what they call, "Rosca de Reyes". It's a Catholic tradition and if you get the "muñeco" you have to make and bring tamales on February 2nd. I almost got it. *sigh of relief*
3.) My companion. It rained yesterday.
4.) Me. Cold and wet.

Anyways, I will try really hard to send some spiritual stuff in the next e-mail. I LOVE YOU ALL Y QUE TENGAN UNA MARAVILLOSA SEMANA

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