Monday, April 6, 2015

I DON'T HAVE TIME! 03/16/2015

Nothing super interesting happened this weeek. We're still trying to get into the swing of things, finding new investigators and working with the members. That's the hardest part, becaue we're the first sisters EVER in this ward, so EVERYONE wants to accompany us and it's absolutely overwhelming trying to organize ourselves. My companion is super organized, so it helps a LOT. This week we have plans to go with at least one member every day, so that's really helpful. (GO OUT WITH THE MISSIONARIES. THEY WILL LOVE YOU.)
I don't know if I ever told you guys, but my mission (Misión México Tijuana or MMTJ) has the goal of having one baptism every week per companionship. It might sound impossible, but it was given by revelation to our mission president, so it must be possible. My companiona and I have the goal of baptizing every week for the last 3 weeks of my mission, and the ward's baptism day is Tuesday, so that will be April 21st, 28th, and May 5th. What I ask for are your prayers so that we can successfully find people that are ready and willing to be baptized on those days, so that we can reach our goal. Don't think that I want to do it just to say that I did it. I am doing it because the Lord is hastening his Work. And if He wants us to baptize every week, so be it. We can only do it the lsat 3 weeks because our investigators have to go to church 5 times to be able to get baptized, or we would make the goal a lot more. SO... Pray for us please!
I don't have time now even for pictures so it's going to have to wait until next week! I LOVE YOU GUYS HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

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