Monday, April 6, 2015

Feeling... Sad. 01/19/2015

So... We just had our third Sunday in a row without a single investigator. This is kind of horrible. I'm getting frustrated because we had 7 that had told us that they were going. One of them, we called about 20 minutes before Sacrament meeting and he told us that he was on his way. Either he was lying, or he got lost. We are hoping that it was the latter. Just... Pray for us. Please.

Now, I have written my own law. I call it "The Missionary Law". It's kind of like Murphy's law, but it's not. It's short and it goes like this: When a pair of missionaries has a great morning (meaning all of their appointments were there and received them), their afternoon is horrible. (meaning that no one is there and they get rejected a lot.)When a pair of missionaries has a terrible morning, they have an awesome afternoon. It is true. It has been proven. (By me and my companion.) IT IS LAW. Why? Because on Saturday, we had a HORRIBLE morning! Everyone kept rejecting us and we spent two hours walking around trying to find people to teach. And then we had a decent afternoon. We found an investigator that seems really ready to receive the gospel and had perfect questions and everything. But he was the one that may or may not have lied to us on Sunday. :P It WOULD have been better, but a couple of our investigators that we were visiting, sat us down and brought it to us gently: They will not be receiving us anymore. They are fine in their religions (one is catholic and the other is christian) and besides, nothing that the book of Mormon talks about agrees with normal christianism (apparently) and because they had never heard of Joseph Smith before obviously means that it must be a lie. And they prayed and got the answer that they were fine where they are and don't need to change. I cried. (Afterward. I wasn't going to show them my weakness.) We shared with them 2 Nephi 29:7-9 (I really wanted to read verse 6 but we both decided against it.) and I shared my testimony. Their sins will not fall over my head.

It was a hard week, but not every week can be sunshine and happiness.

I only have one picture and it is of the Tijuana temple at night. (It looks finished on the outside, but they say it won't be done until September. :P Sad day.)


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