Monday, April 6, 2015

ONE. WEEK. LEFT. (In this transfer...) 02/09/2015

So... This week was rather uneventful, except for Saturday, when we had a run-in with a Mexican bible-basher. He has been trying to confuse greatly ---sorry, "help"--- a less-active member that we have been working with to reactivate. (He says that he likes to help Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses find the "correct path".) She didn't have her BoM, so we gave her one and he borrowed it from her to find something to condemn us and whatever, and then invited us to visit him, where he asked a bunch of questions that, at the time, we had never had to answer before. (Afterward when we got home, we found the answers, but you are sadly mistaken if you think we are going back there.) He read the entire beginning part of the book (he hadn't gotten to 1 Nephi yet) and only found one thing he didn't agree with. I would explain, but honestly it will take too long, but he came to the conclusion that the BoM is completely false and that if we believe in it then we obviously can't believe in the bible, and it's like throwing it on the ground. Somehow, we got to the point of the priesthood authority of God, and we asked him, "Who gave you authority?" We had already explained to him that the priesthood is given by the laying on of hands and everything, but he said, "God." So we asked, "How did you know it was given to you?" "I felt the spirit call me. Actually, I wouldn't call it authority, I would call it more of a... calling." So we were like, "Uh-huh..." And then I bore my testimony that I have been called by a prophet of God and I have been given the authority to preach by the laying on of hands by someone that has the Priesthood authority of God and that I know that the Church is true and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, then, very quickly, I told him that we had to go because we had an appointment. He didn't want to let us leave, but he told us, "I will be praying for you so that you can reach the truth" or whatever so I told him, "We will pray for you too." And we left almost running. We were trembling from who knows what, but it was horrible, my legs felt like jello, but we did the best we could. My companion told me afterward that she wanted to take the book away from him, but we couldn't. She told him,"If the book is false, then we'll just take it and go." And he said, "No, no, I'm going to keep reading it." It was a rather heated discussion.
On the contrary, we found that same day another couple of investigators that are awesome and that we feel are ready to accept the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Anyways, I don't have any more time, I hope you all have an awesome week! LOVE YOU!

♥Hermana Beaumont

P.S. Transfers this week... I'll let you know what happens on Monday!
P.P.S. Sorry, I couldn't take very many pictures this week! My camera died... :P I will be buying batteries soon.

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