Saturday, January 10, 2015

Concierto Navideño 12/08/14

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! How are you? I am fantastic! (mas o menos)
So, this week we started the CHRISTMAS CONCERTS! I am in a group of 7 missionaries that form the mission choir for Christmas 2014. We are going to be performing in a total of 5 concerts (2 already done) in select areas of the mission! We already went to Mexicali and Otay and we will be performing in Rosarito (WOOHOO!) and two more church buildings in Tijuana. ´TWILL BE AWESOME.
So, when we went out to eat this weekend before the concert in Otay, we decided to take pictures with Santa and to pay him for his posing, El Presidente decided that we would sing him a song and chose our rendition of "Carol of the Bells". The problem was, we were singing it in SPANISH and I didn´t have all of the words memorized, so the entire time I was singing na nanana na nanana na nanana and I´m the only one that sings the soprano part so it was really funny and weird sounding. A few people in the restaurant recorded it so if you see me on youtube, that´s why.
Also, we have an investigator that is progressing super well and will be getting baptized this week or the next. (We will be seeing him today, so we will find out.) We had assigned for him to read 2 Nephi 9 with the question, "What does Jesus Christ expect of me?" And he wrote an entire pagelong answer! It was awesome. :D He puts on a face of pride and incredulity, but I know that he really is growing his testimony because he has gone to church 6 times, reads his BoM and prays every day. If you do all of that, there is NO WAY your testimony won´t grow! I´m really excited, actually. It will be awesome.

Anyways, those are the two most exciting things from this week. So I will just send pictures now.
1.) With Santa
2.) In the car: Selfie with the sisters
3.) In the car: THE ELDERS. (One is missing. He was sitting in front.)

That is all! LES QUIERO!

♥Hermana Beaumont

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