Thursday, August 14, 2014

WORLD CUP! I might just root for Mexico...

Everywhere we go, there are people watching the world cup! So, I know a little bit of what is going on... haha (Today Mexico was playing against Croatia)

MIRACLES! Yesterday, when we entered the chapel for sacrament meeting it started and... NONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS WERE THERE. I was super angry, but then one of them walked in... And then two more! And then a family, that we didn't even think was going to show up CAME! We hadn't been able to find a ride for them, so you know what they did!? THEY WALKED. And REALLY far, in 114°F weather! THAT'S dedication! And we had just met them! Never had we even taught anything yet! (We have an appointment this week.) I believe in miracles. Seriously.

I finally have pictures! And still not much to say other than:

I AM PINOCCHIO! Not because I am a liar, but because I KILLED THE CRICKET! There was a cricket in our house for three days with CREE CREE CREE SUPER LOUD and I KILLED IT. I was super proud of myself. :)

Okay, now for the pictures:
1.) My best friend. It's our air conditioning unit. It's old and noisy, but it does the job!
2.) Me in front of a sign that we THOUGHT said, "Tacos Locos" But according to the owners girlfriend it says "Tacos Lincos". Who knows why...
3.) HUAMUCHIL! (wa-MU-cheel) I finally took a picture! It's a fruit that grows abundantly here in San Luis and is delicious. :D
4.) We had EXCHANGES! This is me with Hermana Ramírez. :D
5.) Today, watching the game in a Thrifty Ice Cream parlour. XD (Like I said, Mexico vs. Croatia)

I hope you enjoy the pictures! LES QUIERO MUCHO!

♥Hermana Beaumont

FINALLY a picture with me and my companion! (This was yesterday.)


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