Thursday, August 14, 2014



Today, I would like to tell you about two investigators that we have found recently.

One is named Meche (short for Mercedes). He is 80 years old and super adorable. (picture attached) We found him on our way to an appointment. He waved and greeted us, so we decided to contact him. We taught him all of lesson 1 (the restoration) and he accepted a baptismal date. Not only that, but he told us that he had seen us pass by multiple times, but was afraid to say something, so the night before we found him, he said a prayer to have the courage to say something to us. The next day, there we were. WOW, huh!?

The other investigator is named Rosa Isela. She's as we like to say here "ESCOGIDISSIMA". How we met her? She showed up at church on Sunday in the search of the true church of Jesus Christ. We set up an appointment with her at the end of meetings and met with her that day. When we visited her, she AND her husband AND her 8 year old daughter all accepted a baptismal date. Not only that, when we returned the Tuesday afterward, she had already read what she thought was "un poquito". She read, the introduction, the testimonies of the 3 witnesses, 8 witnesses, and Joseph Smith, and the first chapter of 1 Nephi. :O It took all of my energy not to allow my jaw to drop. She even knew everything that happened. "Laman and Lemuel are the ones that were rebellious and thought that there dad was crazy... etc" We were SHOCKED. We visited her again on Friday, and she had already read the pamphlet for lesson 2 (Plan of Salvation). In the back there are questions that, normally, no one pays attention to AND SHE WAS ANSWERING THEM. She understands the doctrine super well it's amazing. We have an appointment with her today and I literally CAN'T WAIT.

In other news, we had.... TRANSFERS!!!!!!

I am with Hermana Bautista! She was trained by my previous companion, Hermana Chavarría. And she trained the trainer of Hermana Reyna. SO, I basically have a bunch of companions from the same family. haha Of course, I'm still here in San Luis, and August is THE HOTTEST MONTH OF THE YEAR. They say that it gets up to between 120 and 130 degrees fahrenheit(sp?) so PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. (Extra. I know you're all praying for me out there.)

What else do I say? Um... OOH! PICTURES!
1.) Me with Meche.
2.) My zone before transfers. (One of the sisters bought a cake.)

3.) We had exchanges twice this past week. One with Hermana Ramírez and the other...
4.) with Hermana Utrera.
5.) All six of us together for the last time.

Okay, my time is almost up... So... ADIÓS!!!!! LES QUIERO MUCHO!!!!!

♥Hermana Beaumont

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