Thursday, August 14, 2014


I now know why I felt like my face was melting off. One hermano told us that that day it was 58 degrees celsius. Or, to translate, A WHOPPING 136 DEGREES FARHENHEIT. YES. I AM NOT LYING NOR AM I EXAGGERATING. I honestly thought he was joking, but many other members have confirmed the temperature. And that same hermano told us that that day, we were the HOTTEST PLACE ON EARTH. ON EARTH. I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT MYSELF. BUT IT'S TRUE.

(I'm super feliz because in this papeleria, they're playing Beatle's songs. XD)

OKAY! What do I have to say today?

We had a very sad and difficult experience this week. We were teaching a family that owns a fish food stand (puesto de mariscos) and we were teaching about the Book of Mormon. They told us straight up that for them, it's just a book and it has no significance whatsoever. We tried and did all we could, but they flat out rejected us.  The señora told us, almost angrily and almost crying, that she wanted absolutely nothing to do with "ese libro" (that book). That it says in the bible that we shouldn't take away or add to the bible and that it would be blasphemy to accept any other book. And I was filled with a profound sadness. Not because they rejected us, and not because of what they said about the BoM. No, I was sad because when they rejected us and the BoM, they rejected their salvation. After our experience with them, we had a lesson with an investigator and I was so... animated by our experience, that that was literally one of the best lessons I have taught in my entire mission. I NEVER want to experience that again. I NEVER want to see another person reject their salvation so coldly. I know that I can't control the agency of others, but I CAN control how I am. How I teach and how I act. I want to be the best missionary that I can, because even if they don't want to change, I will be able to help the people here that are waiting and ready.

Now, after that spiritual thought: PICTURES!
1.) I finally have a decent picture of me and my companion.
2.) We had EXCHANGES! This is Hermana Camacho. She has been on her mission for a little less than a month. XD
3.) Sometimes when it's really hot during the day, when we get home at night, we water the lawn . (and ourselves.)
4.) My companion went to Tijuana today for a meeting, so I am staying here in TRIO! :D
5.) I have discovered that in August it rains a lot in San Luis. It POURED yesterday and these are the clouds from afterward.


OH! THIS WEEK SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT WILL HAPPEN.... HUMP DAY!!!!! (and my birthday is next week. Don't forget. haha)
    Misión México Tijuana

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