Thursday, August 14, 2014

Adiós Presidente Carreón! 06/30/14

This week, we said goodbye to our beloved mission president, Presidente Carreón. It was all very sad... and we took a bunch of pictures. (My companion lent me her blazer...) So they will be attached. And, I haven't met him yet, but we have a new mission presidente named Presidente García. :) We still don't know if he will let us drink Coca-Cola, but we will find out soon. (I hope. I don't know if I ever told you that it was a rule: No Coke or other caffeinated drinks.)

Anyways, this week, we had a miracle baptism! Actually, we didn't even know we were having a baptism. (We didn't attend.) It was of a young boy that wasn't what they call "niño inscrito". He's 8 years old and was baptized by his grandfather. However, because his parents aren't members, we get to count it as a convert baptism. haha (And it's not like his grandparents forced him... He had been really super excited for two months to get baptized.) It's pretty great.

Speaking of baptisms, we are going to have one either this week, or next week. The investigator is named Marco. He's actually pretty great. I met him with Hna. Reyna and he was super shocked that there are young women that are spending a year and a half of their lives preaching the Gospel. So, he started to listen to us and now wants to get baptized! It's super awesome. I will be sending pictures when it happens.

Explanation of the last picture:
The elders in our zone didn't have air conditioning, and we discovered that one of our units is from the Mission (we had 3) so they came to take it out and change it for one of the other ones in the house. They had to destroy the wall and everything. It was pretty great. (And noisy. And we didn't get to do our weekly planning. But that's okay.)

Anyways, I am about to run out of time... So... ADIÓS!

♥Hermana Beaumont

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