Wednesday, December 11, 2013


ONE WEEK LEFT! (Okay, it's actually 9 days, but who's counting?) Sadly, none of the girls in my district have their visas yet, but we're hoping for this week. (If we don't get them soon, we'll probably be temporarily reassigned. No bueno.) So PRETTY PLEASE PRAY that we will get our visa stuff soon!

This week was as the usual. I've been exercising a lot more than I did at home and have officially graduated from granny push-ups to regular ones. I can only do ten, but it's a step in the right direction. :) lol

The Spanish is coming along pretty well! I can hold a decent conversation with some of the teachers and I held almost an entire conversation with my "nerd best friend" from the other district yesterday. This coming week, my compañera and I have pledged to speak as much Spanish as possible so that we're a little more ready when it comes time to actually go to México. We only have a little bit of grammar left to learn and then we're DONE. There's a computer program called "T.A.L.L." (Technology Assisted Language Learning) that we all hate, but it's pretty useful for getting an idea of what's going on before class. I tried to do one of the lessons for what we'll be learning later today, but TALL does a really bad job of explaining stuff, so I have to save it for after the teacher explains. :P Oh well.

Since Erika told you guys about her "investigators", I thought I could probably do the same. I told you their names before in a previous e-mail, but they (again) are Pedro and Jesica. (Separate investigators.) And they also bear an extreme resemblance to my teachers. lol They have both agreed to be baptized and we already have dates set. :) Haha One day that will be real. (I hope.)

So, M. Russell Ballard was supposed to come and speak this last Tuesday, but because of the snow, 'twas not meant to be. Bruce C. Hafen spoke instead and it was actually REALLY good! I really enjoyed his talk. :) Hopefully, though, we'll get Elder Ballard this week instead, but if not, I will survive.

So something really cool: We had a "floating" teacher come in and help us during class. (Floating as in, doesn't yet have a district to teach.) We were learning about the importance of the Spirit in conversion and she was acting as our investigator. We had to lead up to and ask the baptismal question. At first it was really bland and boring, but then she said something, and the entire spirit changed. The Spirit told me what to say and the Spirit was SUPER strong! It was really cool! So we decided to use what we learned in our next lessons with Jesica and Pedro and IT WORKED. Jesica agreed to be baptized and Pedro was able to learn more about the gospel and commandments. (He had already agreed to be baptized.) Then in the next lesson with Jesica, IT HAPPENED AGAIN. I'm so grateful for the Gospel and for the Spirit! THE CHURCH IS TRUE. We have another lesson with Pedro tonight, so wish us luck! lol

Anyways, I'm pretty much out of time. So, I will write again next week! (I will get two whole hours since it's my last p-day at the MTC.)


♥ Hermana Beaumont

P.S. One of the sisters that I'm rooming with (Hermana Lance) came up with a list of "You Know You're On West Campus When..."
1) "Hola, Hermanas!" Sounds like a cat call. [True story]
2) People insult each other with "Cómo se dice, _____?" (Ex. Pride, attitude, etc.)
3) You hear "Está bien" every five seconds.
4) The most ordinary Spanish words are used as slang. (Sucio, dulce, etc.)
5) You play four-square in giant bubbles.
6) You're greeted with, "Qué pasa, calabaza?"
7) You look forward to getting a tapeworm to lose weight.
8) You wonder why someone won't laugh at your joke... awkwardly realize that they're praying.
9) Every time you hear, "Vamonos" someone starts singing Dora the Explorer songs.
10) You don't rush to the bathroom after eating cafeteria food.
11) Everyone wears red on Friday
and then an extra: You know you're not on West Campus when people say, "Hello" and you don't understand what they're saying. [Even though it's in English]


My "nerd best friend" has the tendency to steal my camera and take selfies. So there's one of them. He's a ginger.

There's also an awesome picture that I took of my HLJ ring and my scriptures. It's pretty epic.

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