Saturday, November 9, 2013

HAPPY P-DAY EVERYONE! (Or is that just me...?)

Things are great here at the MTC. I have an awesome companion and an amazing district. :3 I thought my mother would like to know that I am actually at the West MTC (which used to be housing for BYU, but has been modified to account for all of the new missionaries) so I probably won't get to see Erika except for MAYBE at devotional on Tuesdays. (BTW, EVERYONE at the West MTC is Spanish speaking, so there's a lot of opportunity to practice.)

Speaking of devotionals, guess who's speaking this Tuesday!? L. TOM PERRY. I'm SUPER excited!

A couple things my siblings might find interesting/amusing:
1.) My companion's name is Hermana Price... isn't there a character in the BoM musical with that last name?
and 2.) There is an elder in my district that looks uncannily like James Franco. I didn't get to get a good picture of him, but I will try in the next couple of weeks. (He was planning on getting a haircut today, so I might have to wait.)

Okay! So there's actually a lot more. First, I've already taught my first "investigator"... IN SPANISH. (I'll be seeing him again later tonight.) They expect a lot of you here at the MTC, but Erika don't let that scare you. They're SUPER nice and super understanding if you make mistakes.

One of the rules here is SYL.... Speak Your Language. The second part of that being: Use what you know. If you can only say, "I have to use el baƱo," then that's what you say. I'm actually remembering a lot more of my high school Spanish and it's helping a lot. The teacher actually asked me if I wanted to change to the intermediate class, but I told her no because I already love my district too much. Plus, I can still learn everything I need to in the beginner class. :)

The food is pretty awesome here, and Erika: All the drinks are caffeine free. Can I hear a "hallelujah!"?

I was at the main campus for a little less than a day, so I can tell Erika a couple of things: It's huge; try not to get lost. More than likely you will be sharing a room with five other girls (the room I stayed in had three bunk beds.) And make sure you bring something to carry your shower stuff in! I forgot to and the first night was hard. :P But it's pretty awesome. (I like West MTC better, personally.)

Having my tag is awesome! I still don't really feel like a Sister Missionary, but at least I look like one. lol

Okay, so, reasons why my companion is awesome:
1.) She's gorgeous. (Jussayin')
2.) She's humble.
3.) She helps me exercise. (It's been cool.)
4.) And she's hard working, so she keeps me in check. haha

Hermana Price is from Utah, about an hour from the MTC, so she and one of the other Hermanas in the district have been having a hard time with homesickness. (The other is from Idaho.) She's really quiet, so sometimes I worry that maybe I'm being annoying or something, but she says that I haven't done anything thus far to make her dislike me. lol She's working really hard at Spanish, and though I don't really know much, I have been able to help her some.

Okay, this is where I tell you how terrible of a person I am. Yesterday, we were in the computer lab doing language study, and there was an Elder sitting diagonally across from me. His name was Elder Musselman. I, being the somewhat sleep-deprived person that I was, died laughing. I felt so bad, but it was so funny! Then, his companion started laughing at me, and Elder M. told me that the dry cleaning lady had the same reaction, which only made my laughter worse. Tears streaming down my face, I tried to apologize but it was hard, as I couldn't really speak. Yeah. I'm a horrible person.

I AM FRUSTRATED. The stupid computer won't let me send you pictures, so they will probably have to wait until next week when I can find someone to help me. (It's just me and Hermana Price in here right now.)

I love you all! (Especially you, familia.)

♥ - Hermana Beaumont

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