Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This has been an awesome week!05/12/14

Hello everyone! I hope I can remember all that I want to say to everyone today.

First of all... WE HAD A BAPTISM! His name is José. To be honest, I don't count it as my first baptism because I didn't teach him anything. My companion and her other companion taught him everything, I just came and stole it. lol But I have pictures! :D
 I actually have a lot of pictures to send this week. I hope I can send them all in one e-mail.

1.) Us and our recent convert!

2.) The things I do with the sand while waiting for the elders to come with a key to the church...
3.) Selfie outside of the church (still waiting for the elders)...
4.) The church...
5.) Sunset in San Luis! (it really is beautiful here...)

It was great talking to my family and I look forward to December when I will get to talk again. :D


♥Hermana Beaumont

P.S. More pictures to come! There wasn't room in this e-mail!1.) Helmet Selfie!
2.) Me with my bike!
3.) My companion is awesome. (egg with chorizo with salsa verde con NOPALES!)
4.) Selfie with a cup of grape koolaid. (they say, "agua sabor uva" but I know better.)

LOVE YOU GUYS!1.) My companion with her koolaid.
2.) Proof that I can fall asleep anywhere. (My companion took the picture. We had been moving a mattress upstairs that we had in our kitchen/living room/dining room and I needed a break. lol)

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