Wednesday, May 28, 2014

No hay nada nuevo esta semana...04/14/14

Really, everything is the same. But with more news on Juan. He doesn´t remember anything! We asked him if he knew who Joseph Smith is and he said, "An apostle, right?" I mean, at least he knew that he´s someone important, but now we have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. And we´re taking it slow.

Um... What else? I really don´t have any idea what else to write. I´m doing well... Spanish is going well. There´s still a lot that I´m not sure about and a lot that I don´t understand, but I communicate sufficiently.

Um.... Not sure what else.

OH! I don´t remember if I told you this, but I have found a new love... Fútbol. Today we played as a zone, and while I´m not super good, it´s super fun. And the Élderes were really patient with me, teaching me stuff. I might have to start watching soccer when I get back. (Though during the world cup I don´t know who I would root for if Mexico was playing against Italy. But that´s a problem for future me.)

I´m not sure what pictures I have... Let´s see:
1.) SOPES! They are delicious. :D
2.) Our zone in the last zone conference. (Sorry it´s not super good.)
3.) TINY BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!
4.) The tiny bananas with my new favorite fruit: THE MANGO.
5.) Me with an awesome purple-flowering tree.

I´m really not sure what else to tell you guys... They´re treating me well here, and while at times I feel like a giant mushroom of stress, (Ask Suzie) everything is going great.

I love you all and I will try to have more to write next week!


♥ Hermana Beaumont

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