Monday, April 14, 2014

My First "Fall" in Mexico

Yes, I know that it's still Spring. Let me explain.

On Friday we recieved a text message from the sister that we were going to eat with that said that she had to go to Tijuana. So we didn't get to eat in our sector. Instead, we went to Volcanes. (Farther away and with Hna. Price and her companion.) Volcanes is completely dirt. We were walking down a hill, and since my shoes are rather smooth on the bottom, I fell. Hence, "First 'fall'". Yup! (Pictures attached. Not for the faint of heart.)

So... Juan will NOT be getting baptized this week. We went to visit him and... HE HAD A CIGARETTE IN HIS HAND. I nearly burst into tears. My companion didn't see it, so we have to confirm BUT I AM REALLY SAD. So, sorry for the false alarm! But I will not be having a baptism this week.

On Wednesday we had... EXCHANGES! I went with Hermana Fergadiz to Porticos again and I really enjoyed myself! I learned a lot and discovered (according to Hna. Fergadiz) that I am really good at teaching by the spirit. (Something that I thought I lacked.) So, WOOHOO! (Pictures attached.)

I don't know why, but my companion and I have been ridiculously stressed lately... To the point where we both felt like we were going to explode. Yeah. So please keep us in your prayers!

I'm not sure what else to say, so I'm just going to attach pictures.

1.) My knees.
2.) Hna. Fergadiz and I.
3.) Me in Porticos.
4.) Not sure how many of you saw Erika's Kinder Egg picture, but here's mine! It's a bit smaller... But just as tasty I'm sure. And the next three pictures are of the prize inside.
5, 6, & 7.) I thought it was pretty funny that it's says, "Ciao!" and about 7, I hope you enjoy my watch and ring tanlines.
8.) Me! With Pozole! (Very delicious pozole.)

I think that's all for now... QUE TENGA BONITA NOCHE! LES QUIERO MUCHO!

♥ Hermana Beaumont

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