Monday, April 14, 2014


1. A member of the other ward that shares our building asked me if I´m from Argentina... Awkward. Not just that, but just now I was talking with the guy that´s working here at the internet place and he thought that I was from South America. Yeah.
3. Transfers next week! Kind of freaking out.
4. Sad note: We´ve lost all of our investigators with a baptismal date. No one ever comes to church! URGH.

I don´t have any more time because THE COMPUTER WASN´T WORKING AND SO I WASTED LIKE 40 MINUTES WAITING. But it´s okay. I will survive. I will have to send you guys my pictures next week. And I will never come here again to write to you guys. There´s a better one in town.

Love you guys!

I GET A LITTLE EXTRA TIME! So I´m going to send pictures! :D (I´m at a different internet place.)

1.) The awesome scripture case I bought! (It was a little less than $10... Impressive, right? It has the Tijuana Temple on it.)
2.) Some bookmarks and a keychain that I bought at the same time as the case. (Super cheap also.) The keychain is a pun. It would really say, "Yo tuve fe, esperanza, y caridad." (I had faith, hope, and charity.) But it´s pronounced the same. I thought it was pretty clever.
3.) Me with a slipper that we found that looks like me. I thought it was cute.
4.) Me with my dinner! (Not really. It´s a thing of a word that I can´t spell, but it´s basically pork rinds. Really really GOOD pork rinds. (Hot oil. I had to be really careful.)
5.) Three generations! Me, mi mamá, and mi abuela! (My trainer and my trainer´s trainer.)
6.) Today! We went bowling as a Zone activity. :)
7.) Also today. All of the zone. (That decided to attend. We´re missing at least two elders and four hermanas.)

That´s all for today! I have to go now! LES QUIERO MUCHO!!!!!!!!

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