Monday, April 14, 2014


So, I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to write this week because I didn't write the stuff down because I was really tired last night.
SO, Yesterday was, as they say down here, "Bien suave!" (really cool) Because two really awesome happy-making things happened. 
1.) There's an inactive married couple that we've been visiting since the beginning of my mission. They never wanted to go to church, pray, or read the scriptures. (With good reason; only one of them knows how to read.) BUT, recently, la hermana has been super excited about the church. She's been praying and we were going to have an FHE with her and her husband and she was super duper excited and even made pozole! (Which we didn't get to eat because it wasn't done until well after we had to go home. It got late and her husband didn't show up because he was working late or something.) ANYWAYS, THEY BOTH WENT TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! I almost cried when I saw them. I don't know if any of you know this, but it's super special for me when the inactives/less-actives are attending church. Why? Because I have so many inactive family members and it gives me hope that one day everything will be better.
2.) We talked with one of our investigators that we've had for a while. His name is Juan. And... HE'S GOING TO GET BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! I'M FINALLY GOING TO HAVE MY FIRST BAPTISM! Okay, technically it's not final and I will tell you why:
- We have been placing baptismal dates from the beginning. The problem is that he and his family are VERY Catholic. Not just that, but they are also from an indigenous tribe here in Mexico called (and I don't really know how it's spelled, just how to say it) Purépeche. It is well known here that indigenous people don't like change and are very very strong in their beliefs. So, we have been working really hard with him for the past two months and some. He's gone to church 5 times already (which is the minimum number to be able to be baptized in this mission) and says that he has already seen a change in his life. He's found a job that allows him to have weekends off and told us that he has never felt this way before. The problem is: He hasn't prayed to know that it's all true. We know that he knows that it's true because he's told us his feelings and we know that he knows that so much good can only come from God. Not only that, but when we told him that he needed to quit smoking and drinking coffee, he stopped. No problem. He loves the Word of Wisdom and thinks that it's super great! So, here's how I know that this time, it's real: Yesterday, Hna. Espinoza asked him something along the lines of, "If you pray and receive your answer before April 10th, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized on that day?" (except in Spanish). He answered a firm, and solemn, "Sí." In that moment, I felt the Spirit so strongly that I almost burst into tears. (I restrained myself, don't worry.) I know without a shadow of a doubt that he will receive that answer. And I knew in that moment that he was going to be baptized. And it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.
Now, for other things that don't matter as much.
1.) The moon the first night with Hna Espinoza.
2.) Us with Dr. Simi! (and El Libro de Mormón) He's the mascot for a pharmacy here that always plays loud music. This was two days after I began to be sick.
3 & 4.) Waiting for our laundry in the laundromat last week.
5.) The view from Calle Sinaloa in Colonia Constitución.
That's all for now! Que tengan una bonita semana! Cuidense mucho! LES QUIERO!
♥ Hna. Beaumont
P.S. Proof that the gift of tongues is real: We had interviews with the mission president and he basically told me that I have achieved a miracle with my Spanish in these 3 almost 4 months in Mexico. Woohoo! Love you!

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