Thursday, January 16, 2014

HOLA! 12/30/13


So, this week we had "intercambios" (exchanges) for a day and I was sent to PORTICOS. Let me just say that I absolutely DESPISE exchanges, but because they are necessary, I will tolerate them for the duration of my mission. I didn't hate Porticos, but I still don't like exchanges.

ANYWAYS, Christmas was interesting. We had a zone activity which consisted of playing soccer with Presidente CarreĆ³n, eating cheeseburgers, and watching the Polar Express with Spanish subtitles. And I discovered why my feet are so big: FUTBOL! I played a decent defense. ;P

I am a GIANT here! Christmas Eve, I spent with a member family and we took a picture together (attached) and WOW. I am tall! Like, SERIOUSLY. I am taller than about 80% of the men in the ward. And compared to my companion, MY HANDS AND FEET ARE HUUUUUUUGE!!!!!!

We went to the beach one of the days this week. (They days are all mushed together in my head, or I would tell you what day.) We're not allowed to walk on the sand (mission rule) but there was a spot where we sat and took pictures, so a picture of me at the beach is attached. While we were there, I made my first contact... IN ENGLISH. BAH. He wasn't serious about it though, so it went nowhere. But YESTERDAY, I made my first REAL contact in a taxi! I was very proud of myself and I'm sure my companion's sentiments were something along the lines of, "FINALLY!" Now, I just need to be able to start a lesson and all will be well. :)

Spanish is coming slowly but surely, so if you guys could, just keep me in your prayers, 'kay?

Ummmmm..... I should probably go soon, but I'm trying to think of what more I want to say...umm... The food here is AWESOME! Love it! Everything is served with tortillas. EVERYTHING. (Well, except pupusas*, but they're from El Salvador.)

Alright. I've already gone over time. I LOVE YOU ALL SUPER A LOT!
♥ Hermana Beaumont

*Pupusas are awesome. They look like pancakes, but filled with beans, cheese and pork. I would send a picture, but there isn't room.

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