Thursday, January 16, 2014


And here is the overview of week 3:

Okay! So, I started off the week rather well with my first contact, right? Well, Monday, mi compañera and I went for tacos which were DA BOMB. (And had good reviews from the other Hermanas in our district!) Unfortunately, the next day I was seriously ill with what we think was food poisoning. -_- So, we were stuck in the house all day instead of going out and working. Thankfully, it subsided (for the most part) around 5:30PM and we were able to do some companionship study.

Wednesday, we had a lovely district activity where we went to un puente at the beach near Rosarito Beach Hotel and took pictures. Afterward, we went and ate GIANT BURRITOS! (Which was hard because my stomach was still weak.) It was fun. :) Two of the elders, Elder Giles (de Utah) and Elder Tinoco (de Honduras) each ate an ENTIRE burrito! It is still in question as to whether or not they're human.

The rest of this past week was same old same old. I'm talking a bit more in lessons (still hardly at all) and I'm able to have somewhat of conversations with the members. I'm improving, but still have a long way to go. In my opinion. According to my companion I speak very well. People always ask me how my Spanish is (in Spanish of course, but I can't remember how to say it) and I always answer, "Puede ser mejor." And then Hna Maldonado always says, "Ella habla muy bien!" And it always goes back and forth like that. My biggest problem is a lack of confidence, apparently. I am so scared of making a mistake that I elect not to speak at all, and while I know that it's a detriment to my learning, I CAN'T HELP IT! Not only that, but the members that speak English KEEP SPEAKING ENGLISH TO ME! Pero, está bien. I will learn. I just need more time. (And your prayers wouldn't hurt either.)

Funny story: We went to teach an investigator with a less-active member named Fernando (who is 16 and reminds me vaguely of Spencer, personality wise) and as we sat at his table, he pulled out a can of ---- BEER. BAHAHAHAAHAHAA! Fernando and I looked at each other and I had to work to keep from laughing. The investigator left to do something for a minute, and I whispered to Hna. Maldonado, "Vamos a enseñar la Palabra de Sabiduria..." We taught lesson 3 (The Gospel of Jesus Christ), but we have an appointment with him on Wednesday, where we will be teaching the Word of Wisdom. XD

I LEFT MY CAMERA IN THE APARTMENT! So, pictures will have to wait until next week. D: SORRY GUYS! I have some really good ones too. :P It's okay. I'll probably just spend most of my time sending you guys pictures.

Well, I need to go now, because I've already gone over time. (Oops.) I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! I'll write again next week!

♥ Hermana Beaumont

P.S. We have a couple of (promising) investigators with baptismal dates! (One is Jan. 23rd) WOOHOO!

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