Monday, May 18, 2015

4 WEEKS TO GO! 4/13/2015

Okay, so this week was rather difficult. We had a Zone Training Meeting where our lovely ZLs taught us how we can more effectively find new investigators and it's like they cursed us or something because after that we couldn't find a single person! All of our appointments that we had to visit new people fell through and it wasn't until they talked to us personally and issued a challenge that we were able to find someone new. The challenge: Whoever found the least number of new investigators that day, had to buy pizza for the other companionship. We lost, but we were able to see the potential that we have. We contacted 20 people that day and knocked 15 doors (the mission rule is that we have to contact 10 people and knock 6 doors every day, so we doubled the both of them) and of ALL of those people that we talked to, only ONE let us teach her something. Her name is Carmen and she is catholic. Sadly, she didn't go to church this week, but we have an appointment to visit her again and this time SHE WILL GO.
Other than that, nothing super interesting happened. My camera isn't letting me send pictures, so that's all for now. QUE TENGAN UNA BONITA SEMANA!!!

    Misión México Tijuana

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